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Equipment Details
Type Robot

The BET-C or Breakpoint Explosives Transport - Combat-Specification (nicknamed Betsy) is a Deep Rock Galactic owned quadrupedal robot capable of walking on any surface, previously serving as a mobile depository, defensive turret, and grenade launcher.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

BET-C can rarely be found during missions. Before its corruption by a pair of Xynarch Charge-Sucker machine parasites, BET-C presumably acted as a depository for an unknown previous team of dwarves. Unlike the M.U.L.E., BET-C is equipped with a large turret and a grenade launcher, and is suited with a Shield Generator, which it uses to hunker down when in danger.

Infected[edit | edit source]

As BET-C has poor component security, a Xynarch Charge-Sucker is able to corrupt it and control it against its fellow dwarves. There's a low chance that dwarves will randomly encounter a sleeping infected BET-C unit during missions. While an Infected BET-C is in a sleep state, it'll make a distinctive pulsating sound audible from vast distances. Once approached or shot, BET-C will immediately awaken and turn hostile against the dwarves.

An Infected BET-C has three different assault phases which it repeats in this order:

  • Aim and shoot in short bursts at any nearby players.
  • Slam into the ground, activate a dome shield and dish out eight bombs around itself.
  • Re-position while firing a single grenade at any nearby players.

Once the Xynarch Charge-Suckers are removed off an infected BET-C, it will collapse to the ground and require a reboot by standing next to it and holding the E key in a similar manner to repairing a Mini-M.U.L.E., which takes around 8 seconds to do. After rebooting BET-C it will follow its new found friends and defend them from any approaching threats, BET-C is completely invincible to all attacks and boasts the same impressive firepower it uses against the dwarves.

The chances of encountering a BET-C are 3% for Hazard 1 and 6% for Hazard 2 and up.

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