BRT7 Burst Fire Gun

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BRT7 Burst Fire Gun
GearGraphic BurstPistol.png
Equipment Details
Type Pistol
Used by Gunner
Slot Secondary
Availability Unlock
More precise than an SMG, with the stopping power of a small shotgun, the BRT (or "Burt", as it's sometimes called) is highly prized among collectors and connoisseurs alike.
~ Item Description

About[edit | edit source]

The BRT7 Burst Fire Gun is the Gunner's alternative secondary weapon, firing a burst of three bullets in quick succession when fired. While generally dealing less damage per shot than its "Bulldog" Heavy Revolver counterpart, the BRT7 boasts higher stability and ammo count.

This item can only be unlocked through an assignment. After the corresponding assignment is completed this weapon can be purchased for Credit.png 8200 Credits, Umanite 120 Umanite Magnite 80 Magnite in the Equipment Terminal.

Initial Stats
Damage 14
Magazine Size 18
Max Ammo 144
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 2.2s
Armor Breaking Bonus 70%
Burst Size 3
Burst Speed 0.05 (U24)

Modifications[edit | edit source]

There are five tiers and each tier has up to three upgrades, only one upgrade can be equipped per tier.

Gunner Upgrades
Mod Description Effect Price
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
High Velocity Rounds
The good folk in R&D have been busy. The overall damage of your weapon is increased. +2 Damage Credit.png 1000 Credits

Enor_Pearl 20 Enor Pearl

Icon Upgrade FireRate.png
Disabled Safety
Shorter Delay between bursts +3 Rate of Fire Credit.png 1000 Credits

Bismor 20 Bismor

Tier 2
Level 6
Icon Upgrade Aim.png
Floating Barrel
Sweet, sweet optimization. We called in a few friends and managed to significantly improve the stability of this gun. -42% Spread Per Shot Credit.png 1800 Credits

Jadiz 12 Jadiz
Croppa 18 Croppa

Icon Upgrade Recoil.png
Recoil Dampener
Quality engineering, the best laser cut parts, the tender loving care of a dedicated R&D Department. The recoil of your gun is drastically reduced. x0.5 Recoil Credit.png 1800 Credits

Enor Pearl 12 Enor Pearl
Bismor 18 Bismor

Icon Upgrade Speed.png
Quickfire Ejector
Experience, training, and a couple of under-the-table design "adjustments" means your gun can be reloaded significantly faster. -0.5 Reload Time Credit.png 1800 Credits

Croppa 12 Croppa
Jadiz 18 Jadiz

Tier 3
Level 10
Icon Upgrade ClipSize.png
High Capacity Magazine
The good thing about clips, magazines, ammo drums, fuel tanks... You can always get bigger variants. +12 Clip Size Credit.png 2200 Credits

Croppa 20 Croppa
Jadiz 30 Jadiz

Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
Increased Caliber Rounds
The good folk in R&D have been busy. The overall damage of your weapon is increased. +3 Damage Credit.png 2200 Credits

Enor pearl 20 Enor Pearl
Magnite 30 Magnite

Tier 4
Level 14
Icon Upgrade ArmorBreaking.png
Penetrating Rounds
We're proud of this one. Armor shredding. Tear through that high-impact plating of those big buggers like butter. What could be finer? +200% Armor Break Bonus Credit.png 3800 Credits

Jadiz 15 Jadiz
Magnite 25 Magnite
Bismor 36 Bismor

Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Expanded Ammo Bags
You had to give up some sandwich-storage, but your total ammo capacity is increased! +72 Max Ammo Credit.png 3800 Credits

Enor pearl 15 Enor Pearl
Croppa 25 Croppa
Umanite 36 Umanite

Icon Upgrade Weakspot.png
Hollow-Point Bullets
Hit 'em where it hurts! Literally! We've upped the damage you'll be able to do to any creatures fleshy bits. You're welcome. +40% Weakspot Damage Bonus Credit.png 3800 Credits

Magnite 15 Magnite
Jadiz 26 Jadiz
Enor pearl 36 Enor Pearl

Tier 5
Level 18
Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
Burst Damage
Damage bonus on last bullet if the first two hit +10 Burst Damage Credit.png 4400 Credits

Croppa 40 Croppa
Umanite 60 Umanite
Jadiz 110 Jadiz

Icon Upgrade Stun.png
Burst Stun
Stun target if all shots in a burst hit +3 Burst Stun Duration Credit.png 4400 Credits

Bismor 40 Bismor
Croppa 60 Croppa
Magnite 110 Magnite

Icon Upgrade FireRate.png
Longer Burst
Fire more rounds in each burst +3 Burst Size Credit.png 4400 Credits

Jadiz 40 Jadiz
Bismor 60 Bismor
Enor pearl 110 Enor Pearl

Trivia[edit | edit source]