Breach Cutter

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Breach Cutter
GearGraphic LineCutter.png
Equipment Details
Type Heavy Weapon
Used by Engineer
Slot Secondary
Availability Unlock
The Breach Cutter releases directional blasts of sonically-charged plasma powerful enough to deal with most any alien in your path. Originally a mining tool, it's now been frequency-tuned to crack open flesh and bone rather than the sediment deposits it was designed for - often with quite spectacular results!

About[edit | edit source]

The Breach Cutter is an unlockable secondary weapon used by the Engineer. Once fired, it'll release a horizontally expanding plasma blade which damages anything in its path. While it's listed damage is very low, in reality it deals damage for every tick the projectile is in contact with an enemy and as such, deals substantially more damage when attacking an enemy from the front or back than from the side.

This item can only be unlocked through an assignment. After the corresponding assignment is completed, this weapon can be purchased for Credit.png 8200 Credits, Umanite 100 Umanite, Jadiz 65 Jadiz and Magnite 30 Magnite from the Equipment Terminal.

Initial Stats
Damage 8
Magazine Size 2
Max Ammo 12
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 3.0s
Projectile Lifetime 0.9s
Plasma Beam Width 1.5
Plasma Expansion Duration 0.2

Modifications[edit | edit source]

There are five tiers and each tier has two to three upgrades; only one upgrade can be equipped per tier.

Engineer Upgrades
Mod Description Effect Price
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Expanded Ammo Bags
You had to give up some sandwich-storage, but your total ammo capacity is increased! +6 Max Ammo Credit.png 1000 Credits

Bismor 20 Bismor

Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
Condensed Plasma
The good folk in R&D have been busy. The overall damage of your weapon is increased. +2 Damage Credit.png 1000 Credits

Enor pearl 20 Enor Pearl

Tier 2
Level 6
Icon Upgrade Area.png
Loosened Node Cohesion
Get a wider plasma line that can hit more targets at once. +0.3 Plasma Beam Width Credit.png 1800 Credits

Jadiz 12 Jadiz
Croppa 18 Croppa

Icon Upgrade ClipSize.png
High Capacity Magazine
The good thing about clips, magazines, ammo drums, fuel tanks ... you can always get bigger variants. +2 Clip Size Credit.png 1800 Credits

Croppa 12 Croppa
Bismor 18 Bismor

Tier 3
Level 10
Icon Upgrade ArmorBreaking.png
Armor Breaking
Increases armor breaking capabilities of the plasma line x9 Armor Break Bonus Credit.png 2200 Credits

Croppa 20 Croppa
Jadiz 30 Jadiz

Icon Upgrade Duration.png
Prolonged Power Generation
The projectile is able to travel for a longer period of time before collapsing +1.2 Projectile Lifetime[1] Credit.png 2200 Credits

Enor pearl 20 Enor Pearl
Magnite 30 Magnite

Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
Refined Plasma Flow
The good folk in R&D have been busy. The overall damage of your weapon is increased. +2 Damage Credit.png 2200 Credits

Umanite 20 Umanite
Jadiz 30 Jadiz

Tier 4
Level 14
Icon Upgrade ClipSize.png
Expanded Magazine
The good thing about clips, magazines, ammo drums, fuel tanks... you can always get bigger variants. +2 Magazine Size Credit.png 3800 Credits

Magnite 15 Magnite
Bismor 25 Bismor
Umanite 36 Umanite

Icon Upgrade Area.png
Increase Line Size
Longer plasma line +0.3 Plasma Beam Width Credit.png 3800 Credits

Jadiz 15 Jadiz
Enor pearl 25 Enor Pearl
Croppa 36 Croppa

Icon Upgrade Duration.png
Quick Deploy
The line projectile opens almost immediately and can hit multiple targets at very close range. -0.2 Plasma Expansion Delay Credit.png 3800 Credits

Umanite 15 Umanite
Jadiz 25 Jadiz
Enor pearl 36 Enor Pearl

Tier 5
Level 18
Icon Upgrade Explosion.png
Explosive Goodbye
The projectile explodes at the end of its lifecycle when the nodes collapse damaging anything unlucky enough to be near by. +Explosive Goodbye Credit.png 4400 Credits

Croppa 40 Croppa
Magnite 60 Magnite
Jadiz 110 Jadiz

Icon Upgrade Explosion.png
There Can Be Only One
Whenever you fire a new projectile the previous one violently explodes damaging everything in it's vicinity. +There can be only one Credit.png 4400 Credits

Bismor 40 Bismor
Croppa 60 Croppa
Magnite 110 Magnite

Icon Upgrade Area.png
Double Split Line
The plasma covers a taller area making it easier to hit targets at various heights. +Double Split Line Credit.png 4400 Credits

Umanite 40 Umanite
Jadiz 60 Jadiz
Enor pearl 110 Enor Pearl

  1. Projectile lifetime starts once the line has finished expanding.

Unique Modifications[edit | edit source]

Explosive Goodbye[edit | edit source]

Icon Upgrade Explosion.png

Explosive Goodbye causes the Breach Cutter's shots to explode at the end of their life span, dealing ? damage to the target. The explosion occurs once the beam has fully retracted into its epicenter.

There Can Be Only One[edit | edit source]

Icon Upgrade Explosion.png

There Can Be Only One causes the previous Breach Cutter's shot to explode once a new one has been fired, dealing ? to the target. There is a delay between the explosion effect and the next shot being fired; the explosion of the previous shot will not happen until the beam has fully retracted into its epicenter.

Double Split Line[edit | edit source]

Icon Upgrade Area.png

Double Line causes a second line to appear in parallel with every shot. Double Line itself will not cause more damage to be dealt, however will increase the surface area for contact of each shot. Increased surface area means each shot can potentially deal the maximum number of damage because of how long the line stays in contact with each creature. Increased surface area also means more contact for the shot to destroy armor.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the item's description it was originally a mining tool but was re-purposed into a weapon.