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Summary[edit | edit source]

The Creatures of Hoxxes
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Hoxxes IV is home to a variety of flora and fauna, and many of them pose a great threat to invaders. They are part of the reason why only Deep Rock Galactic are willing to operate on Hoxxes IV.

Most notable are the creatures called Glyphids. They have an arachnid appearance and come in a wide variety of (sub)species, and are extremely hostile. The Glyphids can be encountered in small groups whilst roaming the caves, and periodically build up to attack in concentrated waves. This will happen after Mission Control warns the players of the swarm approaching them.

A different branching species known as Mactera are also found on Hoxxes IV. These winged creatures are encountered along with the Glyphids.

Hostile creatures will only attack players, ignoring Bosco, M.U.L.E., sentries and the Minehead.

Scaling & Hazard Levels[edit | edit source]

Main article: Hazard Level

Hazard levels will determine the amount of enemies present in a mission and during swarms, as well as an increase to the amount of damage they can absorb and the amount of damage they deal to players.

As more players join the game, the health of the enemies will (generally) increase for each player that joins, and so will the number of enemies. Damage dealt by bugs will remain constant and is only affected by hazard level.

Shown below is a table of multipliers based on a squad of 4 players. For fewer players Enemy count is reduced.

Hazard Icon Hazard Level Enemy Damage Friendly Fire
Haz 1.png Haz off.png Haz off.png Haz off.png Haz off.png 1 - Low Risk 0.5 0.1
Haz 1.png Haz 2.png Haz off.png Haz off.png Haz off.png 2 - Challenging 1 0.2
Haz 1.png Haz 2.png Haz 3.png Haz off.png Haz off.png 3 - Dangerous 1.5 0.3
Haz 1.png Haz 2.png Haz 3.png Haz 4.png Haz off.png 4 - Extreme 2.5 0.4
Haz 1.png Haz 2.png Haz 3.png Haz 4.png Haz 5.png 5 - Lethal 3 ?

Hostile Creatures[edit | edit source]

Much of the fauna (and even some of the flora) on Hoxxes IV poses a threat to players.

Note that enemy damage and health varies based on difficulty level.

Land Creatures[edit | edit source]

Glyphid[edit | edit source]

The Glyphid are arachnid creatures, all of them able to crawl along the walls and ceilings of caves. Thus, players are advised to not only look around them for threats, but above them as well.

Glyphid baby.png



Glyphid swarmer.png

Glyphid Swarmer

Glyphid grunt.png

Glyphid Warrior

Glyphid Veteran Warrior Glyphid exploder.png

Glyphid Exploder

5 Health Health Points 12 Health Health Points 90 Health Health Points 135 Health Health Points 20 Health Health Points
  • Deals 2 damage per hit
  • Spawned from Brood Nexuses
  • Deals 2 damage per hit
  • Usually comes in large groups
  • Tend to jump at players
  • No armor, vulnerable from all angles
  • Deals 4 damage per hit
  • Its mouth is a weak spot
  • Explodes after delay on death or contact
  • Explosion does 50 damage
  • Explosions harm other glyphids
  • Gains a speed boost while within the vicinity of another exploder's explosion
  • Its mouth is a weak spot
  • Won't detonate if finished off with a headshot
Glyphid spitter.png

Glyphid Web Spitter

Glyphid acid spitter.png

Glyphid Acid Spitter

Glyphid tank.png

Glyphid Praetorian

Glyphid dreadnought.png

Glyphid Dreadnought

40 Health Health Points 120 Health Health Points 600 Health Health Points 2000 Armor Shield Points

3000 Health Health Points

  • Deals 10 damage per web hit
  • Web slows and blinds players
  • Its mouth is a weak spot
  • Armor reduces damage from above, but can be destroyed relatively easily
  • Deals 25 damage per acid spit
  • Launches acidic projectiles at players
  • Prefers to attack from walls/ceilings
  • Its mouth is a weak spot
  • Deals 12 damage per hit
  • Spits acid at players which deals approximately 12 damage per hit
  • Glacial Strata variant spits ice at players which quickly freezes them
  • Corpse emits gas that damages players over time until it disintegrates
  • Heavily armored, mouth is unarmored, rear is weak spot
  • Each armor plate has 100 hitpoints and can be destroyed with damage
  • One armor bar and one health bar
  • Deals 25 damage per hit
  • Spits explosive fireballs which deal 40 damage per hit
  • Creates fields of dangerous spikes which deal 85 damage
  • Heavily armored, rear is the only vulnerable part (unlike Praetorians)
  • Armor cannot be destroyed (Unlike Praetorians)
  • Summons a horde of enemies in the second phase

Other[edit | edit source]

Q'ronar Shellback Xynarch Charge-Sucker
? Health Health Points ? Health Health Points
  • Has very tough armor
  • Curls up into a ball and rolls into players, damaging them and knocking them back
  • Eventually exposes itself and starts spitting green acid
  • Crawls along the ground to access tight spaces
  • Exclusive to Salt Pits and Radioactive Exclusion Zone
  • Can corrupt older DRG technology
  • Low chance that it'll spawn corrupting a BET-C

Air Creatures[edit | edit source]

Mactera[edit | edit source]

Mactera are flying creatures that have dangerous abilities, can be difficult to hit and are tough to kill.

Mactera spawn.png

Mactera Spawn

Mactera grabber.png

Mactera Grabber

Mactera goo bomber.png

Mactera Goo Bomber

Mactera ice bomber.png

Mactera Ice Bomber

230 Health Health Points 350 Health Health Points 500 Health Health Points
  • Will maintain a set distance away from the player
  • Shoots a high velocity projectile which deals 15 damage per hit, and can knock players off Gunner's ziplines
  • Expands its stomach while charging a shot, exposing its weak point
  • Has a dodging maneuver if targeted by a player
  • Will attempt to charge at players and grab them
  • Once grabbed, it will fly upward and eventually let go of the player
  • Runs away or drops a carried player when sufficiently damaged
  • Screeches once it spawns in and charges at players
  • Its underside is its weakspot and can be targeted once charging at the player
  • Lobs globs of Sticky Goo at players, dealing damage
  • Has two goo pouches on its underbelly which can be destroyed
  • Uses its goo pouches to do strafing runs, covering the ground in slowing goo
  • Once killed it will slowly crash down while leaking some goo in the process if its pouches are intact
  • Shoots ice balls at players which brings down their temperature
  • Has two ice pouches on its underbelly which can be destroyed
  • Uses its ice pouches to do strafing runs, covering the ground in freezing ice which decreases temperature
  • Once killed will slowly crash down while leaking some ice in the process if its pouches are intact

Other[edit | edit source]


Naedocyte Shocker

? Health Health Points

Stationary Threats[edit | edit source]

Whilst many of the threats on Hoxxes IV are mobile, there are also several stationary hazards on Hoxxes IV. Stationary creatures tend to have higher health than all other creatures.


Glyphid Brood Nexus

Spitballer sleeping.pngSpitterplant.png

Spitball Infector

Cave Leech

Cave Leech

Deeptora honeycomb.png

Deeptora Honeycomb

1800 Health Health Points 800 Health Health Points 100 Health Health Points 500 Health Health Points
  • Largely defenseless
  • Periodically spawns baby glyphids
  • The bulging eyes are weak points, shoot them for 150 damage to burst and deal heavy damage (~45% max HP) to the Nexus
  • Will spawn a large cluster of Glyphid Spawns when destroyed
  • Starts off in a sleeping state
  • It will awaken once a player approaches or attacks it
  • Launches dangerous spore pod projectiles at players
  • Projectiles can be shot to burst early
  • Shoot while its mouth is open for increased damage
  • Shoot the yellow blobs on the back of its head and its neck/throat for increased damage
  • Hides in the ceiling
  • Grabs and incapacitates players in a wide area below it
  • Deals damage to grabbed players
  • Feeler recoils when the Leech takes damage
  • Grabbed players receive no fall damage if the Cave Leech is killed
  • A swarm of bees surrounding the hive will attack players that get too close
  • The swarm can only be killed by destroying the hive or burning it with the flamethrower
  • Exclusive to Sandblasted Corridors

Passive Creatures[edit | edit source]

Whilst the vast majority of Hoxxes IV' fauna are hostile and dangerous, there are some non-aggressive creatures within the caves.


Loot Bug

Maggot.pngMaggot green.pngMaggot red.png


Silicate harvester.png

Silicate Harvester

Cave vine.png

Cave Vine

100 Health Health Points 1 Health Health Points 250 Health Health Points 100 Health Health Points
  • Once killed, it explodes into Nitra and/or Gold
  • The It's a bug thing perk It's a Bug Thing will instantly kill them if the player enters their radius
  • Can be ridden
  • Moves around while sifting the dirt with its tendrils
  • Exclusive to the Dense Biozone