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Cryo Cannon
GearGraphic Cryospray.png
Equipment Details
Type Heavy Weapon
Used by Driller
Slot Primary
Hitscan No
Availability Unlock
Mad geniuses have tried perfecting this implement for as long as anyone can remember, but our lads at R&D seem to have perfected it! Handily portable (for a dwarf, anyway), it does exactly what you think: It's a friggin' freeze ray. Let 'em have it.
~ Item Description

About[edit | edit source]

The Cryo Cannon is an unlockable primary weapon for the Driller. It is a huge, barely-portable freeze ray constructed out of various alloys. The drums on the front of the weapon rotate when it is firing.

The Cryo Cannon ejects a freezing cold stream which deals damage and decreases the temperature of enemies, eventually causing them to freeze. Frozen enemies will receive triple damage (but lose any weak-points they had before) and are completely immobilized, making them easy targets. Being frozen also prevents several enemies from performing unique abilities; for example frozen Glyphid Exploders cannot detonate, and frozen Spitball Infectors cannot fire projectiles. Flying enemies like Mactera will drop to the floor and shatter instantly when frozen. Keep in mind, bigger enemies with higher HP like Glyphid Praetorians take longer to freeze, and can thaw out faster. Enemies in the Glacial Strata are also more resistant to this weapon's freezing effect.

Unlike the CRSPR Flamethrower, the Cryo Cannon does not utilize a reloading system and instead draws from one large pool of reserve ammo, similar to the Powered Minigun. Upon pressing the fire button the weapon has a brief "charge-up" period before it spews its stream of icy mixture. The stream is affected by a pressure gauge; prolonged firing will eventually empty this meter and require a "repressurization" phase before it can start firing again.

The Cryo Cannon suffers from several flaws the Flamethrower suffers from, too. It is limited by poor range, forcing the Driller to close in on targets. Mactera enemies can easily fly out of the freeze stream, which requires the use of the Driller's secondary weapons to take them out. The weapon's base damage is also even lower than the Flamethrower, though this is made up for by the amplified damage enemies take when frozen.

Icons Campaign.png Unlocked through an assignment
Requires Driller Level 10
Purchased for:
Credit.png 7600 Credits
Enor Pearl 80 Enor Pearl
Bismor 120 Bismor
Initial Stats
Damage 6 Frost
Max Ammo 400
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Cold Stream Reach 10m
Freezing Power 8 Cold
Chargeup Time 0.5s
Re-Pressurization Time 1s
Maximum Pressure 4.5
Pressure Drop
(per second)
Pressure Gain
(per second)

Modifications[edit | edit source]

There are five tiers and each tier has two to three modifications available to purchase, though only one modification can be equipped per tier.

Cryo Cannon Modifications
Mod Effect Description Price
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade ClipSize.png
Larger Pressure Chamber
x0.5 Pressure Drop Rate Lets you shoot for a longer time before needing to refill the pressure chamber.
Credit.png 1200 Credits
Croppa 25 Croppa
Icon Upgrade ChargeUp.png
Faster Turbine Spinup
-0.4s Chargeup Time Start freezing things as soon as you pull the trigger with a near-instant turbine response.
Credit.png 1200 Credits
Enor Pearl 25 Enor Pearl
Icon Upgrade Cold.png
Stronger Cooling Unit
+1 Freezing Power Freeze things at a faster rate.
Credit.png 1200 Credits
Bismor 25 Bismor
Tier 2
Level 4
Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Larger Reserve Tank
+50 Tank Size You had to give up some sandwich-storage, but your total ammo capacity is increased!
Credit.png 2000 Credits
Jadiz 24 Jadiz
Enor Pearl 15 Enor Pearl
Icon Upgrade Distance.png
Overclocked Ejection Turbine
+5m Cold Stream Reach Increases the effective range of the weapon.
Credit.png 2000 Credits
Magnite 24 Magnite
Enor Pearl 15 Enor Pearl
Icon Upgrade TemperatureCoolDown.png
Bypassed Integrity Check
-1s Repressurization Time If you completely empty the pressure chamber, the weapon will immediately start repressurizing, safety be dammed!
Credit.png 2000 Credits
Croppa 24 Croppa
Bismor 15 Bismor
Tier 3
Level 8
Icon Upgrade ChargeUp.png
Improved Pump
x1.7 Pressure Gain Rate Refill the pressure chamber faster.
Credit.png 2800 Credits
Croppa 50 Croppa
Jadiz 35 Jadiz
Icon Upgrade FireRate.png
Increased Flow Volume
+20% Flow Rate We overclocked your gun. It fires faster. Don't ask. Just enjoy. Also probably don't tell Management, please.
Credit.png 2800 Credits
Umanite 35 Umanite
Bismor 50 Bismor
Tier 4
Level 12
Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
Hard Mixture
+3 Damage Promotes Ice-crystal formation in the stream resulting in more direct damage.
Credit.png 4800 Credits
Croppa 48 Croppa
Enor Pearl 50 Enor Pearl
Bismor 72 Bismor
Icon Upgrade Cold.png
Supercooling Mixture
+1 Freezing Power Improves the heat capacity of the stream so you can freeze things at a faster rate.
Credit.png 4800 Credits
Jadiz 72 Jadiz
Magnite 48 Magnite
Enor Pearl 50 Enor Pearl
Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Larger Reserve Tank
+150 Tank Size You had to give up some sandwich-storage, but your total ammo capacity is increased!
Credit.png 4800 Credits
Jadiz 72 Jadiz
Magnite 50 Magnite
Umanite 48 Umanite
Tier 5
Level 16
Icon Upgrade Explosion.png
+Frozen Targets can Shatter There is a chance that frozen targets will spontaneously shatter!
Credit.png 5600 Credits
Croppa 70 Croppa
Magnite 140 Magnite
Bismor 64 Bismor
Icon Upgrade Cold.png
Cold Radiance
+Area Cold Damage Any enemy that strays within 5m of you while you are firing the Cryo Cannon will start to freeze.
Credit.png 5600 Credits
Jadiz 70 Jadiz
Umanite 64 Umanite
Enor Pearl 140 Enor Pearl

Overclocks[edit | edit source]

Cryo Cannon
Overclock Effect Description Price
Improved Thermal Efficiency

Frame Overclock Clean.png

Icon Upgrade ClipSize.png
Pos.svg +25 Tank Capacity

Pos.svg x0.75 Pressure Drop Rate

Get all you can from your fuel and lose pressure slower from the main chamber.
Credit.png 8350 Credits
Croppa 125 Croppa
Magnite 110 Magnite
Enor Pearl 70 Enor Pearl
Perfectly Tuned Cooler

Frame Overclock Clean.png

Icon Upgrade Cold.png
Pos.svg +1 Freezing Power

Pos.svg +10% Flow Rate

Freeze things faster, no strings attached.
Credit.png 8750 Credits
Magnite 65 Magnite
Umanite 130 Umanite
Bismor 110 Bismor
Flow Rate Expansion

Frame Overclock Balanced.png

Icon Upgrade Duration.png
Pos.svg x2.7 Pressure Gain Rate
Pos.svg +10% Flow Rate

Neg.svg x2.25 Pressure Drop Rate

A low volume high pressure chamber paired with a high power pump increase the flow rate and repressurization speed but lower the max duration of sustained flow.
Credit.png 8900 Credits
Jadiz 100 Jadiz
Magnite 125 Magnite
Enor Pearl 70 Enor Pearl
Ice Spear

Frame Overclock Balanced.png

Icon Upgrade ProjectileSpeed.png
Pos.svg + Ice Spear

Neg.svg +1s Repressurization Delay

Pressing the reload button dumps all the fluid in the chamber directly into the turbine, flash freezing it and launching an ice projectile. Side effects include an increased recharge delay and of course the large amount of fuel used.
Credit.png 8950 Credits
Jadiz 130 Jadiz
Umanite 110 Umanite
Enor Pearl 60 Enor Pearl
Ice Storm

Frame Overclock Unstable.png

Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
Pos.svg x2 Damage

Neg.svg -3 Freezing Power
Neg.svg -50 Tank Capacity
Neg.svg x1.5 Pressure Drop Rate

A change in the fuel mixture along with some heavy cooler unit tweaks means that you'll be doing less freezing and more killing with razor-sharp ice shards. However, the capacity of the pressure chamber suffers.
Credit.png 7200 Credits
Magnite 105 Magnite
Umanite 75 Umanite
Enor Pearl 130 Enor Pearl

Frame Overclock Unstable.png

Icon Upgrade Area.png
Pos.svg +Snowball

Neg.svg -100 Tank Capacity
Neg.svg +1s Repressurization Delay

Pressing the reload button shoots all the cryofuel in the chamber at once as an AoE cryo-projectile. Besides the very large amount of fuel consumed, the operation overloads the whole system resulting in a much longer delay before regaining pressure and the modifications restrict the total amount of fuel you can carry.
Credit.png 8400 Credits
Jadiz 90 Jadiz
Magnite 70 Magnite
Umanite 130 Umanite

Stats Breakdown[edit | edit source]

Understanding the weapon[edit | edit source]

  • Chargeup Time is the time needed before the weapon start shooting.
  • Flow Rate is the equivalent of fire rate for other weapons. The weapon will deal 8 instances of damage per second with the base flow rate.
  • Pressure Drop Rate is the equivalent of the magazine size for other weapons. It represent how long you can fire before you need to 'reload' your weapon by repressurizing it. The lower the better.
  • Freezing Power is what will allow you to freeze the enemies. It won’t do any damage by itself. 1 point in freezing power will lower the temperature of an enemy by 1° for each instance of damage done. Once you reach an enemy's freeze temperature it’ll be frozen solid.
  • Tank Size is the equivalent of max ammo for other weapons.
  • Repressurization Time is the equivalent of a wait time before reload and overheat for other weapons. It’s how long you need to wait in seconds after you stop firing or after you reached the minimum pressure before you can fire again.
  • Pressure Gain Rate is the equivalent of reload for other weapon, except that you can stop midway in case you need to fire early. It represents how fast the pressure will go up after the repressurization time.

Ice Path[edit | edit source]

In the same manner than the CRSPR Flamethrower, the Cryo Cannon will leave behind a trail of ice that’ll linger for a few seconds. It won’t do any damage but it can potentially freeze enemies.

Unique Modifications[edit | edit source]

Cold Radiance[edit | edit source]

Icon Upgrade Cold.png

Cold Radiance will cool things down in a radius around you, eventually freezing any creature close to you.

The effect is only active while holding down the fire button and will activate once per second.

Fragile[edit | edit source]

Icon Upgrade Explosion.png

Fragile gives a chance to shatter frozen enemies. This can happen on the first hit that froze the target. This mod got different behavior depending on the type of enemy.

  • Fragile can proc on each Cryo Cannon hit on a frozen enemy. It can deal up to a maximum of 100 damage.
    • For Glyphid Grunt, you’ll have a 50% chance to remove 85% of their remaining life.
    • For other enemies you’ll have a ? chance to instantly kill them once below 100 eHP.

Unique Overclocks[edit | edit source]

Ice Spear[edit | edit source]

Frame Overclock Balanced.png

Icon Upgrade ProjectileSpeed.png

Ice spear is a Balanced Overclock that has 2 damage component, one single target and one in a small AoE, both can hit the same target.

It’ll use up to 50 fuel to fire the projectile. If you don’t have enough fuel available in the chamber, it’ll use all the fuel available and the damage for both component of the projectile will scale down linearly with how the amount of fuel that was used.

Snowball[edit | edit source]

Frame Overclock Unstable.png

Icon Upgrade Area.png

Snowball is an Unstable Overclock that shoots ranged AoE cryo-projectiles that flash-cool everything in the impact zone at the cost of significantly decreased tank capacity and decreased repressurization delay.

Mastery[edit | edit source]

Each modification that is purchased advances a mastery bar by one unit.

Mastery unlocks:

  • Three modifications – First Stripe Weapon Paintjob Icon Skin First Stripe.png
  • Seven modifications – Deepcore Weapon Paintjob Icon Skin Deepcore.png
  • All (13) modifications – The Company Special Weapon Paintjob Icon Skin The Company Special.png

Skins[edit | edit source]

Full gallery of skins can be seen at Weapon Skins.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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