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This article contains information about the two Downloadable Content (DLC) released for Deep Rock Galactic. Currently, DLC can be only be acquired from the Deep Rock Galactic Steam Store page and has no impact on gameplay.

A bundle named the Motherlode Edition contains the original game, the Supporter Edition and the Original Soundtrack in one purchase of $43.17 USD; £37.95 (GBP); 45,87€ (EUR).

Supporter Upgrade[edit | edit source]

Steam Store Image
Region Price Supporter Upgrade Header.jpg
United States $14.99 (USD)
Great Britain £11.39 (GBP)
Europe 14,99€ (EUR)

Steam Store Page
The DRG Supporter Edition was one of the DLCs released alongside Deep Rock Galactic at it's Early Access Launch. It is intended as a way to support Ghost Ship Games, the Developers of Deep Rock Galactic during the Early Access development process.

So you like Deep Rock Galactic, but it’s just not enough? You want more? Well, then the Supporter Upgrade is for you! Help fuel further development of the game, while getting your grubby mining-gloves on this tasty bag of exclusive treats:

  • Supporter-only gold-plated skins for all weapons in the game!
  • VIP treatment at the ingame Abyss Bar - Get the SUPPORTER EDITION of the tasty Glyphid Slammer for your whole team, served in the gaudiest of golden tankards!
  • A unique Ghost Ship Games themed helmet, marking you as a permanent member of the Skeleton Crew!
  • Your chat text will be blue, to show off your Supporter status!
  • The unique Supporter Badge, shown next to your name ingame and in chat!
  • An exclusive set of blinged-out armor for each class!
  • Our heartfelt and eternal thanks and gratitude <3

Important note:

By buying this DLC you are first of all showing your support to the game and to us, the developers. The bling-bling in the list above is just icing on the cake!

~ Steam Store Page
After this DLC has been acquired, its owner will get access to 4 golden versions of the MK2 armor, one for each dwarf, available from the Accessory Shop. They will also get a small Supporter Icon DRG Supporter.png next to their name in the game.

Original Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

Steam Store Image
Region Price Original Soundtrack Header.jpg
United States $7.99 (USD)
Great Britain £5.79 (GBP)
Europe 7,99€ (EUR)

Steam Store Page
The DRG Original Soundtrack was the second DLC released alongside Deep Rock Galactic at it's Early Access Launch. It contains every song from the Deep Rock Galactic original soundtrack in MP3 and FLAC file formats.

The Deep Rock Galactic soundtrack is one hundred minutes of gut-punching space dwarf synth goodness! Contains 22 full tracks, composed, mixed, and arranged entirely by our inhouse sound-wizards, Sophus and Troels, here at Ghost Ship Games!

  1. Into The Abyss
  2. Attack of the Glyphids
  3. The Deep Dive
  4. Hold My Beard
  5. They´re Here!
  6. Coward's Crossing
  7. Petrified Fury
  8. The Descent
  9. Robot Getaway
  10. Horrors of Hoxxes
  11. Principle of Darkness
  12. The Shadows are Moving
  13. I am Lost
  14. Fighting the Shadows
  15. Fathomless Tomb
  16. Leave No Dwarf Behind
  17. March of the Brave
  18. Beneath the Crust
  19. Karl's End
  20. A Matter of Skill and Ammunition
  21. The Only Way Out Is Through
  22. Ode to the Fallen

Total time: 101 minutes of awesome deep space synth tracks in MP3 and FLAC!

All tracks written and composed by Sophus Alf Agerbæk-Larsen

All tracks mixed, arranged and mastered by Troels Jørgensen

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