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Drop Pod

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Drop Pod
Drop Pod 1.png

The Drop pod is a spacecraft owned by the Deep Rock Galactic Corporation. It is used to transport dwarves in and out of the caverns of Hoxxes IV during mining operations.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The exterior of the Drop Pod consists of a metallic red material, similar to other DRG equipment. It has a thruster at the top and a large auger drill at the base which is used to drill down into the caverns. Once the Drop Pod arrives at the cavern, the doors will open and a ramp will extend allowing the dwarves to leave. After every dwarf leaves, it will begin to fly up the tunnel it originated from by unknown means.

Extraction[edit | edit source]

The Markers left behind by the M.U.L.E

After the primary mission quota has been met, A red button will appear on the M.U.L.E. Once pressed, Mission Control will launch the Drop Pod to pick them up. The Drop Pod will attempt to land in a location which is safe and close to the Dwarves, though it generally prioritizes the former over the latter. Distances to the Drop Pod can range from fourty meters to over two hundred.

Once the Drop Pod has landed, the M.U.L.E. will begin walking back to the landing zone for extraction, leaving glowing green markers and ignoring all calls from that point onward. It will generally try to avoid scaling vertical faces, but may do so if other paths are significantly less time-efficient. That said it is not mandatory to follow the M.U.L.E.; players can take any path they wish to return to the Drop Pod. Drillers can simply dig their way back using their Titanium Powerdrills, creating a safe and efficient path to the Pod.

The Drop Pod will leave for orbit in 5 minutes for standard missions, 3 minutes for Point Extraction missions, or 1 minute for Salvage Operations, regardless of if all the dwarves are on board. However, additional credits are rewarded for each player that successfully extracts. (Credit.png 150 Credits x Hazard Bonus per dwarf)

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible to go back into the Drop Pod before it leaves for orbit. A dwarf can ride the Drop Pod back up the tunnel it drilled, only to fall back down to the mission area once it disappears from the level.
  • There is a rare bug where one dwarf will spawn underneath the Drop Pods landing zone, instead of inside it, once the mission starts. The dwarf underneath the drop pod will take no damage from it landing on them, and will be unable to move until it flies away.
  • Sometimes dwarves will fall through the Drop Pod at the beginning of the mission. This results in players getting stuck on the top of the Drop Pod.
  • The Drop Pod can be seen despawning as it flies back up the tunnel. The top of the tunnel can be seen, revealing Bedrock.
  • The Drop Pods extendable ramp can trap players.
  • Depending on the landing location of the Drop Pod, players can very rarely clip through the Drop Pod, or worse the map itself, if wedged between the drilled floor and the Drop Pod itself.
  • It is possible for a dwarf to spawn inside the drill of The drop pod causing the dwarf to be stuck and stop the drop pod from leaving