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Egg Hunt

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Egg Hunt
Egg collection icon.png
Mission Details
Cave Type Non-linear
Deposit Type M.U.L.E
Objective(s) Collect 4-8 Alien Eggs
Payout Credit.png 350-980

Egg Hunt is a mission type in Deep Rock Galactic. Mission Control have located a cluster of Alien Eggs in a cave, and want the dwarves to retrieve them. Egg Hunts are the second unlockable mission type, the first being Mining Expedition.

About[edit | edit source]

The goal in Egg Hunt missions is to collect a number of mysterious Alien Eggs. Alien Egg The mission takes place in a nonlinear cave system, and the eggs can be collected in any order. Unlike any other large resource in the game, the eggs are embedded in a pinkish-magenta ropey membrane, which can be destroyed in a single pickaxe swing. Take caution, as extracting an egg from the membrane will cause the ground to shake, accompanied by an eerie, distant Glyphid scream, possibly the mother of the egg alerting other bugs. Shortly after, a large horde of enemies will attack.

The Alien Eggs are visible on the dwarves Terrain Scanner, making them easy to find and extract. They must be deposited into the M.U.L.E to count towards the primary quota, like any other large resource, such as Aquarq and Jadiz.

While you must complete your primary objective to finish the mission, You can choose to collect an optional secondary objective resource for a Credit.png Credit bonus upon mission completion.

After the primary objective is completed a red button will light up on the MULE, once pressed a drop pod will be called to pick up the MULE and any surviving miners.

Primary Objective[edit | edit source]

The required quota of Alien Eggs differs based off the mission length and complexity.

Length Complexity Objective Primary Payout Secondary Payout
Cave length 1 Cave complexity 1 Collect 4 Alien Eggs Credit.png 350 Credit.png 200/250
Cave length 2 Cave complexity 2 Collect 6 Alien Eggs Credit.png 630 Credit.png 300/360
Cave length 3 Cave complexity 3 Collect 8 Alien Eggs Credit.png 980 Credit.png 350/560

Secondary Objective[edit | edit source]

Possible Secondary Objectives:

Fossil Collect 10 Alien Fossil

Apoca bloom Collect 15 Apoca Bloom

Boolo cap Collect 20 Boolo Cap

Hollomite Collect 25 Hollomite

Trivia[edit | edit source]