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Engineer portrait.png Turrets and've come to the right place.
~ The Engineer
Class Details
Icon Engineer
Voice Pitch 105%

The Engineer is one of the four playable dwarves in the game. He specializes in area denial with his Sentry Guns and can provide access to out-of-reach locations with his Platform Gun, while being armed with his Combat Shotgun and Grenade Launcher to fight back with.

About[edit | edit source]

As the Engineer, you carry two essential items for surviving the caves - the Platform Gun shoots climbable platforms onto any surface, and your automated Sentry Turrets lay down blistering hails of support fire - if you manage to get it set up before you're killed. You may not be the sturdiest of dwarves, but your Combat Shotgun and devastating Grenade Launcher still makes you a formidable opponent.
~ Class Description

As the Engineer, it is your job to support your team mates by providing them with ground to stand on using your Platform Gun and assist in combat using your LMG Gun Platform, "Warthog" Auto 210 shotgun, and Grenade Launcher. Place your Sentry Turrets in defensive positions to protect your team, and be sure to use your platforms to help your team mobilize during missions. You can team up with the Scout to access resources that are out of reach, or work with the Driller to shape the battlefield in your favor.

The engineer can choose from three different grenades to use; The L.U.R.E. which creates a holographic decoy that distracts enemies from himself and his allies, the Plasma Burster which creates a large energy explosion, and the Proximity Mine which is deployed in a manner similar to the Driller's Satchel Charge and explodes when something walks over it.

The Engineer is the closest thing in Deep Rock Galactic to a support class. He specializes in area control with his Sentries, which are able to deny passage of enemies through set locations, and his Platform Gun not only grants access to distant resources but can make otherwise hazardous terrain safe again. Indeed, the Engineer performs excellently in Swarms and gamemodes which don't require much movement such as Point Extraction and Elimination.

While his support options are his most valuable assets the Engineer has access to a set of standard but nonetheless devastating weapons. His Combat Shotgun is capable of killing most Glyphids with one shot to a weak spot, including on higher difficulties with the right upgrades and his Grenade Launcher can deal immense damage to clusters of enemies and single targets alike. His Breach Cutter, an Unlockable weapon, is able to cleave right through large targets such as Glyphid Praetorians and kill them in just two shots, boasting unparalleled piercing capability at the cost of a low clip size.

However, the Engineer is not without flaws. His overall mobility is limited compared to the other classes; he relies on his Platform Gun to help him clear large gaps and scale walls which can burn through its somewhat limited ammo fast. In gamemodes which require constant movement such as Mining Expeditions and Egg Hunts it can be difficult for the Engineer to maintain presence as he will need to keep constantly moving and rebuilding his Sentries (though certain upgrades can help to mitigate this issue.) Finally his weapons have range issues, particularly his Primary Weapons the Combat Shotgun and Voltaic SMG, which are really only effective at close range.

Playing Engineer requires strong spatial awareness and knowledge of the game's mechanics. Always be aware of what your teammates are doing and pay attention to their callouts; they may need you to place a platform somewhere.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

All classes have eight pieces of gear, each of which can be individually upgraded using Credit.png Credits and crafting resources. There are currently two unlockable weapons per class. Each weapon has their own assignment. Once an assignment for a weapon has been completed it then can be purchased within the upgrade terminal.

Equipment Base Stats Description

"Warthog" Auto 210

Damage 7
(per shot)
Stun Duration 3s
Magazine Size 6
Max Ammo 90
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 2.0s
Weakpoint Stun Chance +10%
Living up to its' name, this pig of a weapon never fails to satisfy.
Holds four wide-spread slugs for rapid-fire death dealing.
Voltaic smg.png

"Stubby" Voltaic SMG
Submachine Gun

Damage 9
Electric Damage 0
Magazine Size 30
Max Ammo 420
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 2s
Electrocution Chance 20%
Level 10 Credit.png 7600 Jadiz 100 Umanite 100
So what's better than an SMG? An SMG that fires ELECTRIC BULLETS!
The boys in R&D have wired a prototype ArcGen into the guts of this trusty Subata 312,
meaning it now unleashes a storm of electrified DEATH!
Word of warning: Keep away from water.

Deepcore 40mm PGL
Heavy Weapon

Area Damage 110
Damage Radius 2.5
Max Ammo 8
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 2.0s
Armor Break Bonus 50%
Fear Factor +100
Whoever coined the phrase "Bang for the Buck" must have had this lovely thing in mind.
Cheap, dependable, and utterly devastating.
Breach cutter.png

Breach Cutter
Heavy Weapon

Per Second Damage 575
Magazine Size 4
Max Ammo 12
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 3.0s
Armor Breaking Bonus 100%
Projectile Lifetime 1.5s
Plasma Beam Width 2
Plasma Expansion Delay 0.2
Level 15 Credit.png 8200 Umanite 100 Jadiz 65 Magnite 30
The Breach Cutter releases directional blasts of sonically-charged plasma powerful enough to deal with most any alien in your path.
Originally a mining tool, it's now been frequency-tuned to crack open flesh and bone rather than the sediment deposits it was designed for - often with quite spectacular results!

Platform Gun
Support Tool

Magazine Size 4
Max Ammo 16
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 2.0s
It does what it says on the box. By firing a combination of highly volatile chemicals at a nearby wall,
the result is a rapidly solidifying concrete-like foam that can support several tons of weight. Do not ingest!

LMG Gun Platform
Sentry Gun

Damage 5
Max Range 20m
Max Ammo 425
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 45/s
Number of Sentries 1
Sentry Ammo Capacity 90
Construction Time 4s
One of the more advanced items in the DRG arsenal,
these autonomous sentry guns will absolutely help in performing pest control.

Support Tool

Damage 27.5
Armor Breaking 150%
No respectable miner would leave home without it.

Medium-Intensity Flare
Support Tool

Flare Duration 30s
Max Flares 4
Recharge Time 12s
Flare Color Red
A souped-up version of the standard issue DRG Emergency Flare. It lights up brighter and stays lit for longer - the best of both worlds.
Note: DRG is not liable for any damages caused by irate local fauna exposed to unfamiliar lights for too long.
Grenade lure.png


Duration 20s
Carried Amount 4
Dance Moves 6
Hologram Health 50
This Laser Utility Refraction Emitter - or L.U.R.E for short - projects a handsome hologram that will attract all nearby enemies.
Be mindful to keep your distance - once the onboard shielding fails, it will unleash a devastating electrical charge.
Grenade plasma.png

Plasma Burster

Burst Area Damage 60
Burst Effect Radius 3.5m
Carried Amount 6
Bursts 4
Level 5 Credit.png 1200 Jadiz 10
The Plasma Burster does more or less what you'd expect from the name. It releases 4 bursts of scorching plasma in rapid succession upon being thrown.
Keep away from beards at all costs.
Grenade proximity.png

Proximity Mine

Area Damage 110
Effect Radius 5m
Carried Amount 4
Arming Time 3s
Level 10 Credit.png 3400 Enor pearl 20
A timeless classic. Sticks to any surface and explodes shortly after an enemy enters its trigger area. And if it fails to find a target, it can be safely disarmed and retrieved.
Note: proximity trigger requires a few seconds for calibration.

"Owl" Armor Rig
Armor Undersuit

Shield 25
Recharge Delay 7s
Poison Resistance 0%
Regeneration Rate 100%
Revive Invulnerability 3s
Carry Capacity 40
Each set of DRG issue armor is mounted on a highly modifiable undersuit, capable of transforming the capabilities of the armor considerably.
Regrettably, R&D has as yet proven unable to utilize the suit's stillsuit capacity towards onboard production of alcohol.

Basic Tips and Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • "Warthog" Auto 210
    • The Warthog is best used up-close where all the pellets fired in one shot are most likely to hit, dealing the most damage possible.
    • Equip the Turret Whip modification to get the most out of your turrets. Each overcharged turret shot consumes 10 ammo and creates a powerful blast.
    • Miner Adjustments can massively increase the damage output of the Warthog but choosing this upgrade can burn through ammo fast.
    • The Warthog carries a lot of reserve ammo at 90 extra shells.
  • Deepcore 40mm PGL
    • The Grenade Launcher can clear out a large group of enemies with a single shot.
    • Minerals can be gathered from high deposits by shooting grenades at them.
    • Any explosives will cause Glyphids to flee briefly, use the grenade launcher to keep dangerous enemies away from downed allies or objectives.
    • The amount of grenades you carry is quite limited, at only 8 in reserve by default. Make sure to use your grenades wisely.
  • "Stubby" Voltaic SMG
    • This SMG fires very quickly, but its spread also increases very quickly and recovers slowly. As a result, tap-firing is the only option to target foes at long range.
    • Electrocuted targets move slower and certain upgrades cause them to take extra damage from the SMG while they suffer the effect.
  • Breach Cutter
    • The Breach Cutter goes through multiple targets, including allies, be careful in which direction you fire.
    • It is an excellent weapon for taking out tightly-clustered groups of enemies and can cut right through any target, even bulkier foes like Glyphid Praetorians.
    • This weapon deals damage for every moment that enemies are making contact with the beam. To inflict the most damage against bigger foes such as Praetorians, line up your shot so that it will make as much contact as possible. This is generally easiest to do while facing them from their front or back.
  • LMG Gun Platform
    • Choosing either the Gemini System or LMG MKII upgrades is an important choice. Although the MKII deals increased damage, two sentries from the Gemini System mod technically deals double damage. Ammo management is much harder with two sentries however, and the MKII is more than capable of focusing down targets with ease by itself.
    • During Salvage Operation missions the engineer is a very viable class as his sentries provide extra firepower during the holdout phases, and his platform gun can expand the defender's area when terrain is uneven or dangerous.
    • Press the reload key to switch between which sentry you'd like to redeploy when both are placed down with the Gemini System upgrade.
    • Other players, regardless of class, can help the Engineer build his sentry guns.
    • Recalling a sentry gun will fully restore its ammo when it is redeployed. For this reason it is often easier to simply recall a sentry and rebuild it rather than refilling its ammo, especially at a distance.
    • Try to be proactive with your sentry placements. Keep moving them in accordance to the shifting battlefield and remember to recall them once a fight is finished to have them immediately available for redeployment once a fight is over. You will get much more use out of your sentries keeping them by your side, rather than leaving them inactive by an objective.
  • Platform Gun
    • Pair up your Platform Gun with a Scout to reach ceiling resources easier.
    • Use platforms to bridge across small gaps.
    • When scaling a wall with the Platform Gun, take advantage of ledge grab to conserve ammo.
    • The Plastcrete MKII modification upgrades the platforms to decrease fall damage. Shoot a platform directly below you when falling to prevent a gruesome death.
    • The Repellant Additive modification can be used to funnel swarms into tighter/ more predictable killzones.
    • With careful shots in a tight corridor, it is possible to completely seal a tunnel shut using platforms. This may be useful during Swarms in order to block off an angle of attack, and they can be easily dug through when needed.
  • Throwables
    • L.U.R.E.
      • Throw this grenade to cover retreats to potentially force all enemies chasing you and your teammates to focus the hologram instead.
      • Although the hologram serves as an excellent distraction, its low health means it will be whittled down quickly by large groups of enemies.
      • For best results, throw this grenade at enemies who don't already have a target; they will swarm the lure first, allowing you to round them up for easy killing.
      • Larger enemies may not be so easily fooled by the hologram.
      • The "Dance Moves" statistic is purely cosmetic; the dance moves of the hologram do not influence its effectiveness.
    • Plasma Burster
      • This grenade chains explosions together from the first moment it hits the ground. It detonates 4 times, dealing 240 damage in total.
      • Much like the Breach Cutter, this grenade is best used when enemies are arranged in a certain way. It's best used for targeting "strips" of enemies which are running towards the player in a long line.
    • Proximity Mine
      • This grenade needs three seconds of preparation time before it can detonate. When primed it emits a blinking noise and yellow radius circle, similar to the Driller's Remote Explosives.
      • If you can hear monsters from behind a Compressed Dirt wall, try placing a couple of these mines around the dirt for an ambush attack - though try to place them in a way so that your teammates don't get damaged.
      • When a Swarm is announced, throw these mines down chokepoints where enemies are likely to cluster together.

Voice Responses[edit | edit source]

Class Selected[edit | edit source]
  • "Let's play this smart for once, huh?"
  • "It's all about securing the caves, you know?"
  • "Quotas and objectives to fulfill! Let's get 'er done, lads!"
  • "Infestation problems? Automated turret, mate."
  • "Time for a cold one once this is done."
  • "All in a day's work."
  • "Turrets and've come to the right place."
  • "Cut 'em off, cut 'em down. That's the way."
  • "Identify targets and exterminate. That's how it's done."
  • "Elementary!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Engineer is the only dwarf who's default appearance in official artwork varies. Sometimes he is shown with a full beard and mustache, other times clean shaven with only the later.