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Experimental Branch

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Experimental Branch

The Experimental Branch is a build of Deep Rock Galactic that is accessible to the public, just like the live version of the game. The difference between the live version and the experimental branch is that the latter has additional, although not sufficiently tested, content added to it. Below is a list of all of the content added to the Experimental Branch which is not yet available in the live version.

Changelist for Experimental Build 25261[edit | edit source]



- Several new and improved grenades added for all classes
- New loading screens
- New End Mission screens
- New Enemy - Naedocyte Breeder and Naedocyte Hatchling
- New Enemy  - Q’Ronar Younglings
- New rare Mob - Golden Lootbug
- New rare Mob - Glyphid Hoarder 
- New Sentry Gun model
- New Minehead Sentry model
- Temperature HUD display overhaul
- Assignment mission objectives will now display on the Mission map for your teammates
- New terminal for joining Discord in-game
- Late join Drop Pod added
- New modifiable Power Attack for the Pickaxe
- Improved gear stats display in the Equipment Terminal
- Several new enemy and weapon sounds
- Added option to disable Mouse Smoothing
- Added an option to opt Bosco out of solo missions at the Drone Modification Terminal
- New Hoxxes IV model
- Dwarves leaving a game will now drop a resource pouch with any materials they had in their inventory

- Fixed the Q-mining exploit

“Thunderhead” Heavy Autocannon:
- Fixed a bug with Autocannon fire rate not resetting
- Fixed Autocannon lighter barrel assembly mod
- Tweaked Autocannon fire rate to increase more linearly
- Removed Stun mod
- Increased base splash damage radius
- Increased radius upgrade of Shrapnel Rounds mods

“Lead Storm” Powered Minigun:
- Decreased Stun mod chance
- Decreased Stun duration
- Fixed Aggressive Venting modification to properly function as client

Deepcore GK2:
- Renamed Stagger to Stun
- Gear stats now display the weapon's stun on weak point hit functionality correctly

Experimental Plasma Charger:
- Renamed Normal Shots Bounce mod to Bouncy Plasma
- Renamed Charged Projectile Explodes mod to Unstable Containment Field
- Increased Radius and Damage of Unstable Containment Field implosion
- Fixed some EPC shots doing "generic" damage

“Bulldog” Heavy Revolver:
- Removed Stun Mod (anyone who purchased it will get a refund)
- Added stun chance as an inherent property of the gun
Jury-Rigged Boomstic:
- Stun Mod proc chance increased
- Tungsten Pellets Mod armor damage multiplier increased
- Blast Wave description made more clear (hopefully)
- Blowthrough Mod changed to Super Blowthrough (can penetrate multiple targets)
- Fixed Blast Wave mod to work consistently

Zhukov NUK17:
- Removed the Stun mod (anyone who purchased it will get a refund)
- Rearranged some of the other mods to better balance the potential builds
- Increased the accuracy penalty while moving
- Increased the speed with which accuracy is regained
- Decreased accuracy spread when shooting
- Increased Tier 4 Expanded Ammo Bags mod from +100 to +150 ammo

M1000 Classic:
- Added a tutorial hint for Focused Shot
- Fixed Stun modification to work properly

Breach Cutter:
- Fixed the Breach Cutter so it no longer damages the player if fired directly downwards

- Fixed Deeptora Honeycomb being immune to fire
- Glyphid Praetorian acid gas can now be burned again

- The Hazard 5 unlock assignment now requires you to play on Hazard 4
- Fixed cases of mission weapon assignment completed not being counted correctly
- Fixed some invisible colliders in levels displaying as ‘Unknown Material’
- Credits pages now change properly
- Fixed a bug that caused a floating Shield Generator or Satchel Charge to appear at the location of the spawn point
- Fixed some bugs related to saluting while reloading
- Fixed certain armors that caused the player’s arms to be invisible at the beginning of a mission
- Fixed the revive progress bar so it no longer stays on the screen if another player starts and cancels the revive process
- [MIXER Interactivity] Resupplying Ammo now works
- Super blowthrough mods changed from 10 penetrations to 3 for all weapons that have them

Known Issues:
- A bunch of UI elements in regards to grenades is still being worked on
- Sometimes the assignment mission icon will not be there when looking at the mission map. Try closing and opening it again
- Carriable objects will turn invisible if you get frozen or downed while carrying the object
- All players on the team show as host, indicated by the crown
-  Promotion levels are displaying incorrectly