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Flare Gun

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This article refers to the Scout's Utility tool. To read about flares universal across all classes, see Flare.

Flare Gun
GearGraphic FlareGun.png
Equipment Details
Type Support Tool
Used by Scout
Slot Utility
Availability Default
A powerful projectile launcher that shoots high-intensity, adhesive flares. The flares can attach to even the hardest material.
~ Item Description

About[edit | edit source]

The Flare Gun is the Scout's key utility tool. Upon firing, it launches bright flares across long distances that attach to any surface they land on, burning out after a duration. The flares glow brighter than any ordinary flare, lighting up large areas. Direct hits with the flares deals a small amount of damage while bouncing off of the enemy. Flares bounced off of enemies don't latch onto surfaces.

The Scout can use his Flare Gun to expose unseen resources, and hazards such as Cave Leeches. When coupled with his Grappling Gun, The Scout excels at gathering resources that would be hard to reach otherwise. While the Flare Gun is a useful tool for cave exploration, it can also be used during swarms to spot enemies from afar.

Initial Stats
Damage 40
Duration 75s
Clip Size 3
Max Ammo 12
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 2.4s

Modifications[edit | edit source]

There's currently two tiers and a single possible mod per class.

Scout Upgrades
Mod Description Effect Price
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Expanded Ammo Bags
You had to give up some sandwich storage, but your total ammo capacity is increased! +3 Max Ammo Credit.png 360 Credits

Croppa 12 Croppa

Icon Upgrade Duration.png
Thicker Core
More core material for a longer burn +15 Duration Credit.png 360 Credits

Bismor 12 Bismor

Tier 2
Level 5
Icon Upgrade FireRate.png
Supercharged Feed Mechanism
We overclocked your gun. It fire faster. Don't ask. Just enjoy. Also probably don't tell Management, please. +3.0 Rate of Fire Credit.png 700 Credits

Enor pearl 26 Enor Pearl

Icon Upgrade ClipSize.png
High Capacity Magazine
The good thing about clips, magazines, ammo drums, fuel tanks... you can always get bigger variants. +1 Clip Size Credit.png 1800 Credits

Croppa 130 Croppa

Tier 3
Level 10
Icon Upgrade Speed.png
Auto Reload
Reloads automatically when unequipped for longer than 5 seconds + Auto Reload Credit.png 920 Credits

Magnite 14 Magnite
Umanite 20 Umanite

Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Expanded Ammo Bags
You had to give up some sandwich storage, but your total ammo capacity is increased! +3 Max Ammo Credit.png 920 Credits

Croppa 14 Croppa
Bismor 20 Bismor

Icon Upgrade Duration.png
Magnesium Core
A solid magnesium core is added to the flare, increasing how long it can burn +15 Duration Credit.png 920 Credits

Jadiz 14 Jadiz
Umanite 20 Umanite

Trivia[edit | edit source]