Glyphid Bulk Detonator

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Glyphid Bulk Detonator
Glyphid Bulk Detonator
Creature Details
Species Glyphid
Biome All
Category Disruptive Enemy
Attack(s) Hellfire
Final Blow (on death)
Base Health 4000
Resistance(s) Explosive: 50%
Weakness(es) None
Immunity Stun
Weakpoint Bulbs: ×3

Glyphid Bulk Detonator Umodel Front.png

Glyphid Bulk Detonator Umodel Top.png

Glyphid Bulk Detonator Umodel Back.png

Hot Cold
Burn T°C Freeze T°C
60° Heat -490° Cold
Douse Fire T°C Unfreeze T°C
30° Heat -200° Cold
Cooling Rate Warming Rate
10°/s Heat 300°/s Cold

The current theory is that the Glyphid Detonator is what happens when an Exploder manages to somehow not explode during its volatile, and usually short, life. They grow to enormous size, their skin hardening to a thickly calloused crust capable of withstanding most standard calibers to an astonishing degree. A number of pulsing, tumorous growths will usually be found along their back, which works in our favor - focusing fire on these tumors results in tremendous trauma to the beasts. But even when served with such weak spots, they rank in the absolute top list of threats Hoxxes throws at our operation. Take them, quickly, and from a distance - get too close and they release devastating shockwaves of fire. And true to their name, managing to kill one will results in a blast ranging on the kiloton scale.
~ Miner's Manual Description

The Glyphid Bulk Detonator is a hostile Creature found on Hoxxes. It can be found in any region of the planet, though it is quite an uncommon sight to find one. It is implied through its design and its entry in the Miner's Manual that it is a Glyphid Exploder which has grown to tremendous size, and its explosive abilities have improved to boot. Its entire body is gnarled into a lumpy mess and its mouth is deformed, with many fangs jutting out in random directions. It also has three distinct yellow tumours bulging out of its abdomen. It is one of, if not the biggest creature in the entire game, even dwarfing the likes of the Glyphid Dreadnought.

The Bulk Detonator boasts extremely high offensive and defensive capability, and its presence in a firefight absolutely cannot be ignored. Wherever it moves, a halo of orange particles follows around it to indicate the radius of its Hellfire attack - this move consists of the Bulk Detonator stomping the ground with its forelegs, creating a fiery explosion which can deal substantial damage and can easily bring a Dwarf down to half of his health. On higher hazard levels, the attack can instantly kill a Dwarf in one blow, and the area-of-effect means it can potentially down an entire team in one strike. The Bulk can also use this Hellfire attack to dig through walls and terrain if it does not have a clear line of sight to any Dwarf or if it cannot fit through a tight enough chokepoint.

The Bulk also boasts an impressive 4000 base health, which scales rapidly with more players and higher difficulty. This allows it to resist an immense amount of gunfire whenever its weakpoints aren't being targeted. It is also completely immune to stuns and Fear Factor, and it can resist half of all explosive damage, rendering most grenades and satchel charges ineffective tools to bring a Bulk down. When a Bulk's HP is eventually fully drained, it will freeze in place for a moment before causing a gigantic explosion. The crater spans over 10m in diameter, and anything caught in the blast will be instantly killed. Furthermore, the Bulk launches several explosive orange globs when it dies which fly outwards and can injure or even kill whatever they land on, especially if it is a direct hit.

The Bulk is an incredibly dangerous enemy, but it has a major Achilles' heel in the form of speed - it is extremely slow, and can be outmaneuvered even without sprinting. It takes a very long time for the Bulk to close in on a target, and without any kind of projectile attacks it is completely at the mercy of ranged attacks. Its three tumours take 300% damage, though they will eventually break when focused for long enough. Furthermore while it resists explosive damage, it is not immune to any status effects, and those which can cause slowing such as Electrocution or Neurotoxin are particularly effective at slowing a Bulk's already pathetic movespeed to a crawl.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Health and Armor[edit | edit source]


Health Scaling

Hazard Level
Normal Mission DD EDD
1 2 3 4 5 3 3.5 4.5 5 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1.png 1800 2600 3200 4000 4800 3200 3400 4400 4800 5200
Dwarfcount2.png 2200 3000 3600 4000 4800 3600 3800 4400 4800 5200
Dwarfcount3.png 2800 3600 4000 4800 5600 4000 4400 5200 5600 6000
Dwarfcount4.png 3400 4000 4400 5200 6000 4400 4800 5600 6000 6400

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Keep as much distance as possible from a Bulk Detonator, especially when low health. Be ready to turn and run when it is critically injured, as you won't have much time to clear the blast radius if up close.
  • The Bulk Detonator is very resistant to Freezing, and will thaw out quickly. If it dies while frozen it will produce an explosion which deals no damage, doesn't fire orange globs and doesn't leave a crater but inflicts massive knockback - more than enough to catapult a Dwarf many metres.
  • High damage precision weapons such as the M1000 Classic and Heavy Revolver are best suited for taking out Bulks, as they can deal extremely high damage to the weak spots which already take much more damage from regular shots. The Breach Cutter and Subata 120 are also reasonable choices for damaging a bulk at a safe distance.
  • As mentioned earlier, the Bulk is incredibly vulnerable to Electrocution. The IFG and the Voltaic SMG can slow a Bulk down to a crawl when used to electrocute it, which makes taking them out much easier as you will have more time to focus down the tumours.
  • Bulk Detonators are extremely dangerous foes to face on Salvage Operations, as the Dwarves are mostly forced to stay inside the uplink zones to progress the mission. When a Bulk is spotted while an uplink is active, it is imperative that it must be killed ASAP.
    • It may be necessary for a class with high mobility, such as Scout or Driller, to leave the uplink zone and grab the Bulk's aggro to lead it away from the uplink so the rest of the team can kill the bulk in relative safety and continue the uplink, since having the uplink progress go down to 0% will result in mission failure.

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