Glyphid Oppressor

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Glyphid Oppressor
Glyphid Oppressor
Creature Details
Species Glyphid
Biome All
Category Common Enemy
Attack(s) Bite
Sonic Stomp
Rage Quake
Death Cloud (on death)
Base Health 900
Resistance(s) Fire: 66%
Frost: 50%
Electricity: 25%
Explosive: 66%
Weakness(es) Melee: 50%
Weakpoint Back: ×1
Armor Unbreakable Unbreakable armor: Block all damage.

Glyphid Oppressor Umodel Front.png

Glyphid Oppressor Umodel Top.png

Glyphid Oppressor Umodel Back.png

Weakpoint / Unbreakable Armor
Immunity Electrocution, Stun
Hot Cold
Burn T°C Freeze T°C
100° Status fire.png -300° Status frozen.png
Douse Fire T°C Unfreeze T°C
40° Status fire.png -200° Status frozen.png
Cooling Rate Warming Rate
20°/s Status fire.png 100°/s Status frozen.png

The Glyphid Oppressor is literally an organic tank: A monstrously mutated Praetorian, the Oppressor is covered in so much bullet-resistant chitin that it is pointless to attack it from the front. Luckily, they still leave their abdomen mostly exposed to flanking maneuvers, but the Oppressor is something you very much don't want to encounter in a tight space. Their forelimbs are powerful enough to chew through sheer rock like butter, as well as capable of producing stunning shockwaves on impact. Be extra mindful of your footing when confronting one of these.
~ Miner's Manual Description

Combat[edit | edit source]

Health and Armor[edit | edit source]

The Oppressor has a massive section of armor covering the entire front of its body. It can only be damaged by attacking the small greenish weakpoint on the back of its body, in roughly the same area as the Glyphid Praetorian. It can also be damaged with indirect damage using weapons such as the Flamethrower or the Cryo Cannon.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

The Glyphid Oppressor has numerous attacks.

  • Slam that creates a shockwave, pushing any Dwarves in the radius of the slam away from the Oppressor and dealing a small amount of damage
  • It can dig in the same way that a Bulk Detonator or Dreadnought can, using a slam that removes terrain and damages any Dwarves in the radius of the slam
  • Ranged attack consisting of the Oppressor slamming it's legs down on the ground, producing stalactite like materials protruding from the ground that damage and push away any Dwarves caught in the area of the attack

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • When the Oppressor is attacking, use that time to get to its backside and shoot its weakpoint
  • Try to avoid using fire damage or cold damage to damage the Oppressor, as it is very resistant to these types of damage. Instead, use direct damaging weapons to damage the Oppressor

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