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Glyphid Web Spitter

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Glyphid Webspitter
Glyphid spitter.png
Creature Details
Species Glyphid
Temperament Hostile
Base Health 40
Attack(s) Spits Webs
Resistance(es) No known resistances
Weakness(es) No known weakness
Weakpoint(s) Mouth (200%)
Region All

Glyphid Web Spitters are ranged Glyphid enemies that cannot perform melee attacks. Web Spitters are exclusively ranged enemies in which they will crawl on the walls or ceilings, usually avoiding close combat, and firing web projectiles that deal minor damage and ensnare the player in webs slowing them down temporarily. Web Spitters are sometimes hard to spot as they use the darkness of the caves to their advantage, but their backs are illuminated in the darkness making their purple hues recognizable.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Creature's damage resistance changes depending on the Hazard Level, player count doesn't affect the resistance.


Health Scaling

Hazard Level
1 2 3 4 5
Player Count 1-4 28 40 44 48 48


  • Spits webs


  • No known resistances


  • No known weakness


  • Mouth (200%)