Gunk Seed

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Gunk Seed
Gunk seed icon.png
Resource Details
Type Secondary Objective
Hardness 1 (Brittle)
Value Experience Points 3 per unit

The Gunk Seed is a type of Secondary Objective which can appear in any mission type or biome. The Dwarves can collect 12 Gunk Seeds to be rewarded with a bonus payout of Credits and Experience upon mission completion.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Gunk Seeds are hanging plants which can be seen suspended from the cave ceilings. They start out as grey-colored sacks which contain the real Gunk Seed, hidden inside. While the seed is inside, the plant will throb and sway slightly. When the seed is broken free, the hanging sack will shrivel up. The Gunk Seed itself is a dark pinkish-grey in colour, with a lumpy body that pulses occasionally.

Locations & Gathering[edit | edit source]

As with other Secondary Objective collectibles, Gunk Seeds will spawn in upon level creation and are randomly distributed throughout the map. Sometimes they spawn alone and other times they appear in small groups. The amount needed to complete the Secondary Objective is 12, but there will always be more Gunk Seeds than are needed (though depositing extra Seeds will not reward anything more than a trifling XP bonus in the single digits).

Gunk Seeds are always found suspended from the ceiling and emit no light of their own, which can make them hard to spot in the darkness. Scouts can help to reveal Gunk Seeds through the use of the Flare Gun, which can illuminate ceilings and identify them. To get the Gunk Seed, the hanging sack must be damaged at which causes the seed to break free. Any amount of damage is enough to free the seed, so one should only fire a single shot to conserve ammo. Highly accurate weapons, such as the Heavy Revolver and the Subata 120, are best suited for this task.

Once free, the Seed is considered a heavy object and must be picked up and carried by hand, or via Bosco. When carrying it, a dwarf cannot do anything but throw flares / throwables, ride ziplines, and move with a 25% speed penalty (Sprinting is also disabled). It can be dropped by switching weapons or using the Laser Pointer, it can also be thrown far away by holding the [FIRE] key ("Left Mouse Click" by default) before releasing it. Depositing the Seed (into either the M.U.L.E., the Minehead or the Drop Pod) adds it to the quota. Once the required amount of Gunk Seeds are collected, Mission Control will announce the completion of the Secondary Objective.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

Gunk Seeds were added alongside Ebonuts and Fester Fleas as the three new Secondary Objectives introduced in Update 31: What Was Left Behind.

An intact Gunk Seed plant may be interacted with by a player if within reach. When used, the player smacks the sack and causes it to sway, similar to when Fuzzy Dice are interacted with.