High Explosive Grenade

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HE Grenade
Throwable HE Grenade.png
Equipment Details
Type Throwable
Used by Driller
Slot Grenade
Availability Unlock
A standard high-explosive grenade with a medium kill radius. Can be used to remove dirt or bugs or both.
~ Item Description

About[edit | edit source]

HE Grenades are small, throwable explosive weapons which are unlockable by Driller. Pressing G on a keyboard and RB on an Xbox One controller will throw a grenade. After a short delay, the grenade will explode, dealing damage to enemies. The grenade has a +100% fear factor by default, useful for scaring hordes of creatures away from a certain location. Grenades can be restocked at a Resupply Pod.

This grenade can be unlocked upon reaching Level 5 with the Driller after which it can be purchased via the Equipment Terminal for Credit.png 1200 Credits and Jadiz 10 Jadiz.

Initial Stats
Area Damage 130
Damage Radius 4.3
Armor Break Bonus +400%
Carried Amount 4
Fear Factor +100%

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • High Explosive Grenades used to be called Frag Grenades and were also used by Engineer and Gunner prior to Update 24.