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Information is limited at the time of this writing due to game's pre-release and pre-alpha status.

How to Play[edit | edit source]

Launching the game, you'll find yourself on the Space Rig. Terminals around the Space Rig will allow you to join or launch a game, change your character's appearance, change characters, or upgrade your equipment.

Starting A Mission[edit | edit source]

Dwarven employees are hot dropped from the Space Rig onto Hoxxes IV to complete a variety of missions. After interacting with the Mission Terminal, you can select which area to complete a mission in, what mission type to complete, and which game mode to play in. Stepping into the Drop Pod after selecting a mission will begin the launch countdown timer, and once it ends, you will be transported to the appropriate cave system to get the job done!

Different Areas[edit | edit source]

Currently Hoxxes IV has seven different areas to explore, with each area having a different look and different challenges to overcome. Only a handful will be available at any given time, with new missions in a different shuffled set of areas available every thirty minutes. The current areas are:

Among the most spectacular sights on Hoxxes IV, the aptly-named Crystal Caves are truly a sight to behold. Massive crystals erupt from every surface, glittering and twinkling in the dark. Alas, the larger crystals are mostly worthless silicate, but abundant deposits of valuable minerals dot the caves too.
We're almost sorry to send employees in here, but the rewards are just too great to ignore. So therefore: Welcome to the Fungus Bogs! A truly awful region, built mostly from slime, mold, stinging insects, fungus, stinking mud, and corrosive lichen.
Whoever said plantlife needs access to sunlight has obviously never visited Hoxxes IV. This region is dominated by what can best be described as a subterranean rainforest - masses of writhing, (mostly carnivorous) plant life, producing entire microcosms of life deep within the crust of the planet. Tread with care.
Ravaged by thousands of years of high-intensity gamma radiation, this region of the planet is now a veritable hellhole of radioactive ash and decrepit, mutated flora. Move with great care, and pay particular attention that you maintain full detox procedure upon return.
Among the deepest of our mining sites, the Magma Caves are a mellow 250-400 degress and helpfully lit by the churning, molten innards of the planet. We advise that you do not touch anything not mandated by the mission objectives, as your employee insurance does not cover burns.
The Salt Pits of Hoxxes IV was once the location of a huge underground lake. It dried up billions of years ago and left huge crystallized deposits of red salt. Red salt - though worthless - tastes really good on Glyphid omelettes.
This region is dominated by windblasted and arid tunnels reaching dozens of miles below ground. The particular composition of the surrounding rock means practically no moisture, resulting in one of the driest regions on the planet. With water being so precious, the inhabiting wildlife is particularly aggressive, ravenous for whatever fluids reside within their prey.

Mission Types[edit | edit source]

Once you've selected an area, you'll be given a list of mission types currently available in that area. Each mission has a primary objective and a bonus objective, as well as a Mission Length and a Cave Complexity. Sometimes two missions of the same type will be offered, but with such different objectives that they will play very differently, so take note! The current Mission Types are:

Mining expedition icon.pngMining Expedition

The original and simplest mission, these will comprise of two mineral collection objectives, or a mining objective with a secondary collection objective. You will be dropped into the top of a cave system, and typically have to go down through multiple cave layers to gather the required minerals, before making your way back to a landing zone near the top of the caves to make your escape.

Egg collection icon.pngCollection

Instead of mining, these missions will have you perform two collection objectives (plants, eggs, etc.). They are otherwise identical to Mining Expedition missions, but of course, with less digging and more running for your life. You cannot host this mission type until you reach rank 2.

Elimination icon.pngElimination

These missions are focused on finding and eliminating a number of Glyphid Dreadnoughts, which are busily maturing in Coccoons until you find your way through the caves to them. After they're all dead, make your way back to a landing zone for extraction via the Drop Pod. You cannot host this mission type until you reach rank 3.

Salvage icon.pngSalvage Operation

The main objectives do not focus on mining. You must repair up to three M.U.L.E.s, after which you set up triangulation as well as fuel cells for a rundown drop pod. Once that's complete you'll have to hold out until mission control prepares the now linked up drop pod for your escape. You cannot host this mission type until you reach rank 3.

Search and extract icon.pngSearch and Extract

The objectives are the same as in a regular mining expedition, but instead of linear caves connected by tunnels, search and extract manly feature one big, multi-leveled cavern. This mission is in fact harder that the regular mining expedition since monsters can spawn early, and a more organised teamwork is involved due to the cave size, instead of simple to cross, trivial to mine tunnel oriented mission. You cannot host this mission type until you reach rank 4.

Point extraction icon.pngPoint Extraction

These mining missions will have you collect materials in a radius around your drop site, which is protected by turrets and equipped with Ziplines, while being attacked by constant waves of enemies and periodic larger swarms. Once all of your materials are gathered, they are launched out with a rocket and you must make your way to a separate landing site for extraction via the Drop Pod. You cannot host this mission type until you reach rank 5.

Once you've launched a mission you'll have one of several objective types, displayed at the top right of the screen.

Mutators[edit | edit source]

Mutators are special events which may modify the mission for better, for worse or for both. These can vary from the dwarves having greatly increased movement speed to exploder infestations. Warnings are negative mutators and anomalies are positive or neutral mutators.


Exploder Infestation Warning Exploder Infestation: More exploders will spawn than usual.

Shield Disruption Warning Shield Disruption: Shield is practically disabled.

Mactera Plague Warning Mactera Plague: There will be twice as many Macteras.

Cave Leech Clusters Warning Cave Leech Clusters: There will be many more cave leeches on the ceiling.


Gold Rush Anomaly Gold Rush: More gold with larger veins will appear.

Mineral Mania Anomaly Mineral Mania: Crafting minerals will be more common.

Triple XP Anomaly Double XP: Greatly increases the experience points you gain.

No Fall Damage Anomaly Low Gravity: Significant reduction to gravity but you can still receive fall damage.

Critical Weakness Anomaly Critical Weakness: Enemy weak spots increase damage even further.

Golden Bugs Anomaly Golden Bugs: Every kill will earn gold for the team depository.

Rich Atmosphere Anomaly Rich Atmosphere: You will move much faster and will be able to sprint while carrying large minerals, your voice is also higher pitched.

Cavern Combat[edit | edit source]

As you explore the caves you'll encounter various creatures, including Glyphids, Cave Leeches, Spitball Infectors, and others. Periodically, Mission Control will announce that they have detected an incoming swarm, and large numbers of Glyphids will converge on the Dwarven Employees' location for a fight. Make sure you are ready!

Understanding Your Role[edit | edit source]

A good team can be made up of any combination of Dwarven Employees, but it's important to understand what makes each one unique, and how to put their special talents to use, to help your team.

Playing As the Driller[edit | edit source]

The Driller's primary responsibility is crowd control with his flamethrower, quickly tunneling entrances and staircases to help others access difficult to reach locations or materials.

Playing As the Engineer[edit | edit source]

The Engineer's turrets let his team quickly erect defenses and his platform gun gives you some ground to stand on, for reaching extremely vertical locations, building short bridges or creating quick staircases.

Playing As the Gunner[edit | edit source]

The Gunner brings heavy firepower to protect the team from the monsters of the deep and a Zipline Gun to give the whole team access across distant chasms.

Playing As the Scout[edit | edit source]

The Scout collects hard-to-reach ores, helps defend the team, and launches flares to provide light in the darkness.

Ranking Up[edit | edit source]

Character Rank[edit | edit source]

Character badge.
The character badge.

As you play each of the game's four classes, you will gain experience and ranks separately for each of the different classes, up to rank 20. Some weapon and equipment upgrades require you to have a certain rank before you can unlock them. Your current rank and experience progress are indicated at the top left of the screen below your Class Badge.

Player Rank[edit | edit source]

Player Badge.png

Your progress as a player is also tracked at the top right of the screen on the Player Badge, the blue gem which shows your name and player rank in title and number form, as well as your current credit balance. You rank up each time the blue gem fills all three of its sections up, and one section fills up each time you gain a rank with one of the four classes (making the maximum player rank 26.6).

The player rank titles are as follows:

  1. Greenbeard
  2. Rookie Miner
  3. Authorized Miner
  4. Senior Miner
  5. Professional Miner
  6. Professional Miner
  7. Veteran Miner
  8. Veteran Miner
  9. Expert Miner
  10. Expert Miner
  11. Elite Miner
  12. Elite Miner
  13. Supreme Miner
  14. Supreme Miner
  15. Master Miner
  16. Master Miner
  17. Ultimate Miner
  18. Ultimate Miner
  19. Ultimate Miner
  20. Legendary Miner
  21. Legendary Miner
  22. Legendary Miner
  23. Legendary Miner
  24. Legendary Miner
  25. Legendary Miner
  26. Legendary Miner