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The planet Hoxxes IV

Hoxxes is a scorched tidally-locked planet orbiting the blue star Creus, unique among the other planets in the system for her extraordinarily rich precious material deposits and her extremely hostile environment. Only the mining corporation Deep Rock Galactic, known for a lack of safety precautions, is stubborn enough to continue, offering hefty paychecks and bonuses to those willing to brave the depths of Hoxxes.

The dangers include, but are not limited to: electromagnetic storms. gravity anomalies, tectonic instability, seas of sulfuric acid, and one of the most hostile ecosystems in the galaxy. The creatures of Hoxxes only grow more hostile and dangerous under the unending radiation from Creus and the biomatter and microorganisms left by other mining corporations. And there are rumors of something even much worse.

Hoxxes wide view.jpg