Impact Axe

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Impact Axe
Throwable Impact Axe.png
Equipment Details
Type Throwable
Used by Driller
Slot Grenade
Availability Default
The Impact Axe is the connoisseur choice for the dwarf of tomorrow. Compact and easy to carry, extends to full size upon throwing, and discharges a lethal burst of electricity upon impact with any living target. Can be safely retrieved by the user in case of bad aim.
~ Item Description

About[edit | edit source]

The Impact Axe is the Driller's default throwable. Once the axe lands, it will release a small impact burst and wound whatever it directly hits. If the axe misses any creatures and hits the cave's surface it can be reclaimed via the "E" key on the keyboard and "X" button on an xbox controller.

The Vampire perk will trigger upon an axe kill. Axes are also affected by Berzerker.

Initial Stats
Direct Damage 160
Area Damage 80
Effect Radius 1.4
Carried Amount 8

Usage[edit | edit source]

Impact Axe Demonstration