It's a Bug Thing

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This page is possibly not up to date, It was last updated for Update 31: What Was Left Behind

It's a Bug Thing is one of the 23 available perks that currently exist in Deep Rock Galactic. It can be unlocked on the eighth row of perks and there are 2 tiers; each tier requiring 2 / 3 perk points respectively for a total of 5.

Perk Table[edit source]

Icon Tier 1 Tier 2 Description
It's a Bug Thing 2 m range 5 m range For some reason, Loot Bugs explode whenever you get within 2 / 5m of them…!

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • It's a Bug Thing makes it so that any Loot Bugs in range of the player will explode.
  • Mainly used for fun; this perk provides no real benefit to the player, other than saving time and bullets while killing a Loot Bug.
  • Does not work on Huuli Hoarders.