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DRG Supporter.png
Name Karl
Location(s) Unknown
Race Dwarf (Speculation)
     For Karl!
~ The Dwarves

Karl is a character who is presumed to be a Dwarf, but as of yet has no supporting lore or appearance in game outside of references in voice lines. He is commonly referenced to by the other Dwarves when using the Salute command in game.

Theories[edit | edit source]

Among the players and fan base, there are a number of theories on who this "Karl" really is:

  1. Karl is the Dwarf who directs your crew throughout missions, and is your only link to Deep Rock Galactic's (DRG's) HQ; they call this out because they're completing these tasks for him. The existence of the voice line "That guy at mission control; he really has a cozy job!", and the achievement "Karl Would Be Proud" refute this, however.
  2. Karl is an important figure in Dwarven society, such as a hero or leader, or perhaps even the CEO of DRG, suggesting they call this out because they're literally doing this 'for' Karl.
  3. Karl was one of the first Dwarves to hit Hoxxes IV, and was left behind by his crew when they were set upon by the hostile creatures that call the planet home. This could be what coined the term "Leave No Dwarf Behind", and the Dwarves may be in a sense completing the mission for Karl, who represents all those who were left behind or gave up their lives for others on excavations.
    1. This is further enforced by having one of the game's soundtracks officially named "Karl's End", and is supported by the information derived in Ghost Ship Games' Deep Rock Galactic - Vlog#2[1], where as stated by Mikkel (Mekill) the Director of the game and Robert (Bluntie) the Art Director that they decided to put the line in to add some more depth to the game; they wanted it to feel like every death of the enemies was a bit of revenge for "Karl", who is purposely left faceless but is hinted at as both a former soldier and good friend.
  4. Karl was a former teammate of the player's character. This is evidenced by the player halucinating and occasionally saying, "Karl, is that you?" after drinking Blacklock Lager. This indicates a more personal connection than somebody the players are merely aware of.

The description of the "Skull Crusher Ale" in the Abyss Bar claims rumors that Skull Crusher Ale is "at least partly to blame" for whatever happened that made Karl famous.

For now, the third option seems most logical; Karl and his team had too much Skull Crusher Ale, and he was ultimately left behind during a mission, hence the proliferation of "Leave No Dwarf Behind".

It is possible the large central statue in the Memorial Hall is an effigy of Karl; in which case he worked for DRG as a Scout.

References[edit | edit source]

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