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Machine Events

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Deep Rock Galactic is developing strategic operations all around the planet. The company is worried about some strange mutations affecting the creatures of Hoxxes as well as peculiar crystals interfering with scanners and other devices in orbit. To eradicate the threat or simply to take samples, these operations require expert dwarven action to be finalized. If you stumble upon one, give it a go and hope that the reward is worth the risk!

Introduced in Update 26: Endgame - Part 2, Machine Events are random events that can spawn inside normal Missions, providing a challenging interaction. It rewards players who own a Matrix CoreBlank Matrix Core by rewarding them with an option of either a Weapon Overclock or a Matrix Core Cosmetics. To activate the event, players must own a Tritilyte Key, which can be received upon a player's first Promotion.

Ebonite Mutation[edit | edit source]

Machine events rock mutation.jpg

The Ebonite Mutation event will deploy an Overcharges Sprinkler that temporarily gives players unlimited Power Attack, removing the cooldown. This will be needed to assist in destroying the Ebonite Glyphids as they can only be killed with Melee attacks.

 •  The objective is to kill a certain amount of Ebonite Glyphids in the allotted time.

Kursite Infection[edit | edit source]

Machine events kursite infection.jpg

The Kursite Infection event will deploy a Kursite Grinder to analyse the carrying infection spawned by special enemies. These enemies are modified with blue skin and yellow crystals and should be the first priority as they drop Kursite who decay shortly after being killed.

Infected variants can spawn as: Glyphid Acid Spitter, Glyphid Praetorian or Mactera Spawn.

 •  The objective is to collect a certain amount of Kursite in the allotted time.

Omen Modular Exterminator[edit | edit source]

Machine events omen.jpg

The Omen Modular Exterminator event will deploy an aggressive Modular Extermination Towers who need to be destroyed aiming at weak points. To make them appear players will have to stay static on three different platforms around the tower until the synchronization is finished.

The machine is equipped with a set of weapons from an Heavy Buster machine gun, Twin Slicer lasers, Radial Pulse-Gun, and a Drone Platform.

 •  The objective is to destroy all weak point of the Modular Extermination Towers in the allotted time.

Tritilyte Crystal[edit | edit source]

Machine events tritilyte crystal.jpg

The Tritilyte Crystal event will spawn a Nanite Bomb Dispenser nearby, which creates a special explosive charge. These charges are then needed to be carried and thrown at a nearby crystal mass until it is destroyed. The bombs will blow up anyway if thrown on anything with enough velocity or shot at.

 •  The objective is to destroy the Tritilyte Shard with special explosive in the allotted time.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Machine Events reward interface

Players will need a Matrix CoreBlank Matrix Core to be able to receive the reward from the event; these are rewarded by completing the first stages of a Deep Dive and Weekly Assignments.

Three option are given upon completion of the event:

Only one can be acquired and will consume the Empty Matrix Core.

Completing a Machine Event shows as a completed Mission Objective below the Secondary Objective with Mission End XP and Credits rewards.