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Magma Core
Magma core preview.png
Rock Hardness 3 (Hard)
Magnite Magnite (Abundant)
Croppa Croppa (Scarce)
Unique Hazard(s) Hot Rock, Lava Geyser, Earthquake
Among the deepest of our mining sites, the Magma Caves are a mellow 250-400 degrees and helpfully lit by the churning, molten innards of the planet. We advise that you do not touch anything not mandated by the mission objectives, as your employee insurance does not cover burns.
~ Ingame description

The Magma Core is one of the biomes of Hoxxes IV. With many obstacles being related to fire and/or magma. The rock forming the caves is sturdy, meaning it takes 3 hits to destroy it. Many of the caves feature large rooms with 2 layer plateaus and large circular indents in the surrounding terrain.



The Magma Core is arguably one of the most dangerous biomes of all, as the hazards there are numerous.

The most common and prominent hazard is the Hot Rock, which can cover much of the floors of caverns. When stepped on, it will cause burning damage periodically. Additionally, more Hot Rock is created when explosions destroy the natural rock of the terrain, leaving more hazardous floor in their wake.

Another hazard are Lava Geysers which erupt fire at regular intervals. Destroying the center of a Lava Geyser will instantly cause an explosion dealing a massive amount of damage, leaving a crater where the geyser used to be. An imminent eruption announces itself with a rumbling noise. There are also groups of small lava geysers or jets, which deal a minor amount of damage while standing in the lava jet, which activates periodically.

Occasionally, the entire cave shakes violently in an earthquake, dramatically slowing all dwarves movement speed to a crawl. The earthquake may crack the ground open, exposing large crevices of Magma Rock.

The Magma Core also has Explosive Plants, which explode violently when sufficiently damaged. These explosions are able to trigger other nearby plants, which can then cause a deadly chain-reaction. These however are not entirely unique to the Magma Core, as the same or similar explosive plants are located in other biomes.


Most enemies can be encountered in the Magma Core, including Spitball Infectors, Cave Leeches and Glyphid Dreadnoughts.

Biome FeaturesEdit

Item Type Description
Exploding Plant
Hazardous/Supportive Glowing plants of varying size that explode violently when damaged. The larger the plant, the less damage needed to detonate it and the larger the explosion.
Lava Geyser
Hazardous Rocky geysers which periodically spit out lava upward and burns anyone near it or directly in contact with it. Once destroyed they will explode violently, dealing large amounts of damage to any enemy or dwarf in the vicinity.
Hot Rock
Hazardous Hot rock which deals damage to any dwarf and glyphid stepping on it. It can be found in large patches on the floor, but also appears from explosive damage made to the ground.
Hazardous The cave violently shakes, slowing down the dwarves movement. It can also create crevices around the dwarves. Earthquake interval is unpredictable.
Small Lava Geysers
Hazardous Groups of small holes in the ground which periodically shoot lava a short distance upwards and deal a small amount of burn damage to anything standing in the jets.
Yellow Tubel
Neutral Tube shaped plant sucking in particles through the yellow tip.
Neutral Puffy flower with chrome coloring.
Mineral Chimney
Neutral Rock formations letting out smoke from their holes. Also found in Crystalline Caverns.


As with every biome, some of the Ores that can be found in the Magma Core are determined by the mission type, such as Morkite and Aquarq. The crafting materials found in the Magma Core are   Magnite and   Croppa, with Magnite being abundant and Croppa being scarce.