High-Intensity Flare

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High-Intensity Flare
GearGraphic Flare.png
Equipment Details
Type Support Tool
Used by Gunner, Scout
Slot Flare
Availability Default

Medium-Intensity Flare
GearGraphic MediumFlare.png
Equipment Details
Type Support Tool
Used by Driller, Engineer
Slot Flare
Availability Default

This article refers to flares that are usable by all classes. To read about the Scout's Utility Tool, see Flare Gun.
A flare on steroids! Powerful enough to light up even the darkest of caves, and sure to put a gleam in the eye of even the most dour dwarf. What's not to love?
~ High-Intensity Flare Description
A souped-up version of the standard issue DRG Emergency Flare. It lights up brighter and stays lit for longer - the best of both worlds. Note: DRG is not liable for any damages caused by irate local fauna exposed to unfamiliar lights for too long.
~ Medium-Intensity Flare Description

About[edit | edit source]

Flares are throwable, temporary light sources that are crucial to surviving in the caverns of Hoxxes IV.

By default, Flares are thrown using the F key on a keyboard and the B button on a controller. After throwing a flare, it will bounce around on surfaces, typically settling at the bottom of caverns. Flares regenerate over time, and up to four can be held at once.

Flares will provide light for 30 seconds. After flares burn out, the light source will die down to a small glow. Burnt out flares can still be seen in the darkness, indicating that a teammate has passed through the area before.

While Gunner and Scout have High-Intensity Flares, Engineer and Driller have Medium-Intensity Flares. There is no difference between these two types, despite their names. The color of the flare will match the color of the class that threw it: Red for Engineer, Blue for Scout, Green for Gunner, and Yellow for Driller.

A burnt out flare
Duration 30s
Max Flares 4
Production Time 12

Modifications(Obsolete)[edit | edit source]

Previously these were the two tiers with one upgrade each. Anyone that had purchased these upgrades prior to update 1.0 hotfix 1 have been refunded the money and materials spent.

Driller, Engineer, Gunner, Scout Upgrades
Mod Description Effect Price
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Extra Flare
Increase the total amount of flares +1 Max Flares (total of four)
Credit.png 900 Credits
Jadiz 30 Jadiz
Tier 2 Icon Upgrade Duration.png
Burning Duration
The light lasts longer +5 Duration (total of 30)
Credit.png 1200 Credits

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the closed alpha version of the game, flares were limited and didn't regenerate over time. Once the supply of flares ran out, the dwarves had to rely on their headlights to survive.
  • Medium-Intensity Flares were previously called Red Flares.
  • Medium-Intensity Flares originally had a lower light radius when compared to High-Intensity Flares.