Mine Head

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The Minehead
Presskit Minehead.png

The Mine Head is a specialized heavy lifter deployed by Deep Rock Galactic to assist the dwarves during Point Extraction missions.


The Minehead is a large, yellow colored platform with a massive auger drill at the base. It is delivered to the Point Extraction mission area, where it lands and unfolds, revealing a wide metal grated surface for the team to stand on, a red button, four ramps connecting it to the ground, and five solid yellow platforms where two floodlights and three large Sentry Turrets, similar to the Engineer's LMG Gun Platform, will be placed in a star formation. At the top of the Minehead lies a small rocket ship with two doors on either side. The doors will open when approached, allowing players to deposit their resources into a large mineral grinder.

Point Extraction

The Minehead serves as a base of operations for all Point Extraction missions, providing a depository for minerals and safe haven against any enemies that crawl within range.

The Sentry Turrets are functional, and will fire upon enemies that enter their range. The Sentry Turrets deal roughly the same damage as an Engineer's Sentry Gun, have 600 rounds of ammo each and cannot be damaged. They will deconstruct and disappear after their ammo is depleted - they cannot have their ammo refilled by an Engineer. As such, it is recommended to finish a level before the turrets run out of ammo. The floodlights remain operational throughout the whole level and will progressively scan the environment for enemies in a sweeping motion.

Once the primary objective has been completed, Mission Control will announce that the launch controls are active. The red button on the Minehead will become active, and can be interacted with. Once pressed, the rocket ship the players deposited their resources into will return to the Space Rig by propelling itself back up the tunnel the Minehead originated from. After two minutes of defending against a large swarm of enemies, the Drop Pod will land somewhere nearby, where it will wait for three minutes before departing.


  • In the Closed Alpha, the floodlights and sentries present on the platform could be summoned similarly to the Resupply Pod by spending gold instead.
  • As bugs can attack through the metal mesh of the Minehead it's not recommended to fight on it.


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