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Space Rig[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote Audio
Joining Deep Rock Galactic as a Greenbeard Congratulations on signing on for Deep Rock Galactic, miner, and welcome on board. Settle in and get your bearings, then proceed to the Mission Selection terminal and select your first mission! We are looking forward to seeing you in action!

Upon Quote
Kicking barrels into the launch bay Please don't kick the barrels into the launch bay... Barrels and launch thrusters do not mix.
Stop it! NOW!
Please just let the barrels be... As "fun times" go, there are better options available.
Barrels are to be left alone and not hurled, kicked, tossed or in any way moved around.
Launch control reports foreign objects in the launch tube. It appears something is interfering with the force field. Would you happen to know anything about it?
Fair warning: any vandalizing or destruction of company property will be deducted from your pay at the end of the month.
Kicking barrels into the Drop Pod Seriously? You want to bring... barrels... with you during an orbital insertion?
It breaks my heart to tell you this, but no, the barrel will not accompany you on your next mission.
You cannot bring barrels with you on missions, but I applaud your efforts.
The seats in the Drop Pod are meant for employees only - not barrels.
Kicking all the barrels into the launch bay Congratulations. You've succeeded in depositing all the barrels into the launch tube. Well done, well done. Now... could I convince you to get back to work, perhaps?
Upon Quote
Selecting Mission Mission Selected and locked in. Time to board the Drop Pod.
Drop Pod has cleared warm-up. Time to get to work, team.
Orbital insertion sequence initiated. Board the Drop Pod.
Mission selected - powering up the Drop Pod - Get on board team!
Your mission is ready, the pod is prepped - get on board the Drop Pod!
Drop Pod is ready - time to leave!
Get on board the Drop Pod team - mission is ready!
Mission selected. Your chariot awaits, gentlemen. Move out.
Mission locked in. Time to board the Drop Pod.
Entering the Drop Pod Drop Sequence initiated! Fasten your seatbelts!
Drop Sequence initiating!
Upon Quote
Activating Jukebox Orders from management: Stop dancing and get to it!
You boys better be better miners than you are dancers.
You know... You are not being paid by the hour! Get to work!
Classy moves, team. Now quit it!
Upon Quote
Entering Memorial Hall The Memorial Hall is where we honor the fallen. Feel free to walk around and pay your respects.
Entering top hangar This area is under construction, please turn around!
You are trespassing! This area is off limits to regular miners!
You are trespassing! Please turn around, and get some work done!
Upon Quote
Activating Gravity Calibration Hold on to your butts, commencing gravity calibration.
Gravity recalibration commencing! Expect turbulence!
Gravity recalibration commencing!
Artificial gravity recalibrating.
Restarting the Gravity Generator!
After Gravity Calibration completes Calibration complete, gravity returning to nominal levels.
Gravity recalibration completed!
Artificial gravity has been reestablished.

Missions[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Requesting Resupply Supply pod requisitioned. Launching now.
Supply pod launched. Better stand back.
Credits have been withdrawn, supply drop is inbound.
Supply Drop has been ordered, and is on the way.
Roger that, supplies are coming.
Hang in there, supplies are coming.
Supplies are on the way!
Stand back! Supply pod is inbound!
Player Late-join A new miner is joining your team.
Reinforcement is on the way.
An extra miner has been assigned to your team.
You've got a new miner inbound.
Your team is getting bigger! Dwarf inbound.
Dwarf inbound.
A miner is on the way to join you.
Your work force is about to get bigger. Dwarf inbound.
Heads up! New miner arriving.
Attention: new miner inbound.
Cavalry is here. New miner inbound.
Completing Secondary Objective Secondary objective has been achieved. Bonus will be transferred to your accounts on mission completion.
Secondary objective completed. Make it home to collect your bonus.
Well done! Secondary objective completed.
Nicely done, team. You've just secured yourself a nice bonus!
Secondary objective completed. Fine job.
Secondary objective completed. Now finish the job.
Boarding the Drop Pod after mission completion That's one for the books! Retrieving escape pod.
Good work! We're pulling you back in.
Extraction commencing. Good work!

Extraction[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Starting Extraction Drop Pod's on the way. Hang in there.
Keep it together, Drop Pod is en route.
That's how you do it. Drop Pod is on the way.
Escape Pod inbound! Stand clear!
Sending in the Drop Pod, starting the counter. This is it, team. Do us proud!
We're sending in the Drop Pod! Head for LZ!
Your ride home is on the way! Drop Pod inbound!
Drop Pod Landing Drop Pod arrived. M.U.L.E is returning to LZ!
Drop Pod has arrived. Retrieving the M.U.L.E!
Drop Pod has arrived. The M.U.L.E has been called back.
M.U.L.E Docking The M.U.L.E has docked, initiating launch sequence!
The M.U.L.E has been successfully retrieved. Make it snappy, team. The Drop Pod won't hang around forever!
The M.U.L.E has been secured! Initiating launch sequence! Deep Rock Galactic thanks you for your good work! Drop Pod will leave with or without you!
Upon Quote
Extraction Countdown Starting Drop Pod departing in T-minus 5 minutes. (5 Minutes remaining)
Drop Pod departing in T-minus 4 minutes. (4 Minutes remaining)
Drop Pod departing in T-minus 3 minutes. (3 Minutes remaining)
Drop Pod departing in T-minus 2 minutes. (2 Minutes remaining)
Drop Pod departing in T-minus 1 minute. (1 Minute remaining)
Drop Pod departing in 30 seconds. (30 Seconds remaining)
10 seconds to take off. (10 Seconds remaining)
3...2...1... heading for orbit. (3 seconds remaining)

Mining Expedition[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Starting Mission We're sending you in deep, so be on your guard. Scanners indicate particularly rich veins of Morkite and Gold further down. Bring it back boys.
This is a simple mining mission! Deposit your quota of Morkite into the MULE and we'll send a Drop Pod to get you out. Good luck!
Primary Objective Completion Morkite quota met! That was some first class mining team, escape pod button is active.
Job well done! Button on the M.U.L.E is activated. Bring it all home, team!
All quotas met, well done, team. activate your transponder via the M.U.L.E, and get back home.
Objective completed! Press the button on the M.U.L.E when you're ready, and will we send the Drop Pod to get you out.
Objective complete, nicely done. Return button on the M.U.L.E has been activated!
Good work, objective completed! Escape Pod can be called via the M.U.L.E!
Good work, objective has been achieved. Call the Drop Pod when you are ready to leave.

Egg Hunt[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Starting Mission Egg-collection time, team. Alien eggs. The company wants them - don't ask why. Find them, stow them in Molly, and return. Simple
Alright, Team: You're going after eggs this time - alien eggs. You can't miss 'em - they're big and they glow. Get the eggs, stow 'em in Molly, and get back alive.

Salvage Operation[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Starting Mission This is a Salvage mission! A previous crew lost their MiniMULEs, their Drop Pod, and their lives in this cave. Find and repair the lost MULES, get the Drop Pod operational, and return to base. Expect heavy infestation - and try not to mess it up like your former colleagues!
Repairing MULEs[edit | edit source]
Upon Quote
Repairing a Mini-M.U.L.E. Mule is functional again! Great work!
Well done! The MULE is working again.
MULE Operational. Well done.
MULE powering up, good work.
Well done, MULE repaired.
Sending the MULEs back to the Drop Pod The MULES are heading back. Follow them and let's get that Drop Pod fixed! Remember you can always deposit on the side of the Drop Pod!
The MULES boarding the Drop Pod All MULES secured! Now to get the Pod working. First: Establishing a proper connection between the Pod and the Space Rig. Set up the Uplink!
Uplink[edit | edit source]
Upon Quote
Setting up the Uplink Uplink ready. Triangulation initiated. Do not leave the Triangulation Zone or we will lose the connection. We only got one shot at this!
Everyone leaving the Triangulation Zone Return to the Triangulation Zone! We are losing your connection!
Please get back into the Triangulation Zone! We risk completely losing your signal!
Do NOT leave the Triangulation Zone! We're losing you!
You are jeopardizing the mission! Get back to the Triangulation Zone!
You need to stay inside the Triangulation Zone! Get back in there!
Leaving the Triangulation Zone for too long Uplink triangulation failed! That's it we're writing this one off as a loss! Pleasure working with you, goodbye.
Reaching 50% on the Uplink progress Triangulation at 50%.
Reaching 75% on the Uplink progress Triangulation at 75%. Almost there!
Triangulation completion Uplink Triangulation completed! Remote control re-established! Stand by, sending in fresh Fuel Cells for the Drop Pod.
Fuel Cells[edit | edit source]
Upon Quote
Fuel Cells arriving Fuel Cells have arrived! Get them set up!
Setting up the Fuel Cells Fuel Cells charging! Stay close to keep them operational. We are expecting an increase in hostiles!
Everyone leaving the Charging Zone At least one of you has to remain by the charging Fuel Cells! Get back there!
Stay close to the Fuel Cells!
You are jeopardizing the mission! You need to stay close to the Fuel Cells!
Leaving the Charging Zone for too long Fuel recharging failed! Mission unsuccessful. This one is a loss. Too bad team, signing off.
Reaching 50% on the Refueling progress Fuel Cells at 50%.
Reaching 75% on the Refueling progress Fuel Cells at 75%, you're almost there.
Fully recharging the Fuel Cells Fuel Cells fully charged. Drop Pod engine powering up. Hold your ground, we are almost ready to pull you and the goods out.
Powering Up[edit | edit source]
Upon Quote
Powering up the Drop Pod Pod reactor spooling up.
Onboard mainframe booting.
Calculating orbital trajectory.
Powering radiation shielding.
ECCOM operational.
Pod Thrusters calibrated.
Drop Pod fully Powered up Drop Pod powered up and fully operational! It'll be returning to orbit in one minute with or without you. Get your asses onboard!
Drop Pod powered up and ready to leave! It's time to bring it all home. Get on board, we're leaving with or without you!

Point Extraction[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Starting Mission Our scanners have picked up a massive deposit of Aquarq. We're sending you in alongside a heavily armed lifter to get as many out as possible. We're picking up extreme biosigns in the area, so keep it snappy! Aquarqs can be extracted from within the walls. Search for a blue, shimmering light. Get it done, Team.
We've detected an area filled with Aquarqs, and you get to bring them all back. Search for a blue shimmering light, and extract the Aquarq from within the walls. We've sent in a specialized heavy lifter. We're expecting heavy resistance, so the lifter's been equipped with heavy armaments, but keep focused - it's about the goods.
Primary Objective Completion Well done, you got them all. Hit the launch controls to return the Minehead and we will send in the escape pod!
Objective Completed. Launch controls are active and awaiting your input. Let's bring it home, team.
Launching the Mine Head Mine head launched. Escape pod will arrive, when mine head has been secured. Hang in there.
Drop Pod Landing Drop pod has arrived. The clock is ticking, all up to you team.
Drop pod has landed and is ready for take off.
Drop pod arrived and waiting for take off.

Elimination[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Starting Mission We've located a Glyphid nest. The dreadnoughts go there to pupate so your primary objective is to locate the cocoons, destroy both them and their inhabitants by any means necessary. Bring plenty of ammo, they can take a punch!
Scanners have picked up a Glyphid Dreadnought cocoon cluster, so we're sending you in to take care of it ASAP. Take those big bastards out before they force us to shut down operations in the area, and try to make it back with most of your limbs still attached.

Swarms[edit | edit source]

Regular Swarm[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Swarm Detected Big swarm detected. Buckle up and get ready!
Time to earn your paycheck team. Got a doozy of a swarm on the way.
Swarm incoming! Get through it fast, we're on tight schedule here.
We've got a hell of a blip heading your way team! Get ready!
Swarm on a direct intercept course. Get ready!
A Swarm is heading your way! Load up!
Swarm detected. Get ready, they'll be with you shortly.
The scanner just lit up like a christmas tree! We've got a swarm incoming!
Prepare to fight for your life, A big swarm is approaching.
We've got 4, wait 6, no, 12... A lot of aliens headed your way!
Swarm Attacking Contact! Lock and load!
Swarm! I repeat! Swarm!
Incoming! Smoke em' if you got em'!
The swarm is upon you!
Swarm! They are here!
Swarm! It's a big one team!
Combat positions! The swarm is here!
Swarm Ending The wave is petering out! Wipe out the rest and get on with it.
The wave is almost over! Wipe out what's left.
You're almost through the wave team! Go go!
No more beasties incoming! Take care of what is left, then have a breather.
The last of the wave is approaching you now, keep it together.
Scanners show the wave is thinning out! Take care of the rest of them, stat!
Good news team! The wave is thinning out.
Hang in there! The wave is almost dealt with.
The stream of incoming enemies is practically eradicated, and you're still alive. Well done!
Keep fighting team! You're almost through the wave.
The wave is significantly diminished. Well done, team!
Wave is almost over!
Hostiles are backing down. Finish them!

Glyphid Dreadnought[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Glyphid Dreadnought Detected Something big is headed your way. Better prepare for the worst.
We've picked up a Glyhpid Dreadnought on the radar. It's approaching you quickly!
Glyphid Dreadnought on intercept course. Get ready team.
Scanner reports significant seismic activity. It's heading your way. Dig in and prepare.
We picked up some tremors on the scanner! Could be something big! Better prepare yourself!
Confirmed scan: Glyphid Dreadnought on intercept course. Get ready team.
Glyphid Dreadnought Attacking Here it comes!
The Glyphid Dreadnought is here!
Dreadnought incoming! Do your best!
Watch out! It is a big one!

Glyphid Praetorian Swarm[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Swarm Detected Looks like a pack of Glyphid Praetorians are heading you way. Better prepare yourself.
We got a pack of Glyphid Praetorians on an intercept course! Get ready!
Hrm, this doesn't look good... We've just picked up a group of Praetorians heading your way. Dig in, team.
Bad news team, a pack of Praetorians have diverted towards you. Get ready.
Swarm Attacking Praetorian attack incoming!
Glyphid Praetorians attacking!
Praetorians engaging! Let em' have it!
There they are! Praetorians attacking!

Mactera Swarm[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Swarm Detected Heads up, there's a swarm of Macteras heading your way. Contact imminent.
Bad news, team. A swarm of Macteras have caught your scent. Better prepare yourself.
Bloody Macteras are onto you, team. Best dig in and get ready.
Macteras a whole load of them! Heading your way, get ready.
Swarm Attacking Attention! Mactera swarm's here!
Take cover! The Macteras are here!
Airborne hostiles incoming!
Contact! Take em' out team!

Glyphid Swarmer Swarm[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Swarm Detected Scanners just picked up a horde of agitated Glyphid Swarmers! Guess you woke them up. Get ready!
Skittering horde inbound, team. Swarmers. Lots of 'em.
Get ready, team. Horde of Glypid Swarmers, heading your way! Get your stomping boots on.
Swarmers, team. Lots of them, coming your way. Get Ready.
Swarm Attacking The Swarmers are here!
Here they come! Eradication Protocol!
Swarmers engaging! Squish those little buggers!
Eyes up! The Swarmers are on you!

Glyphid Grunt Swarm[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Swarm Detected Scanners just picked up a swarm of Glyphid Grunts heading your way! There's... a lot of them.
Ah for craps sake... Grunts, lots of 'em, heading your way!
Seems we disturbed a nest of Glyphid Grunts. Get ready, they're heading your way.
Contact! A swarm of Glyphid Grunts is heading your way! They're almost onto you, get ready!
Swarm Attacking Grunt swarm attacking! Kill or be killed, Team!
The Glyphid Grunts are here! Let's show them our special handshake, team.
Grunts engaging! Take 'em out, we got work to do.
And there they are. Swarm! Kill 'em, team!

Assignments[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Completing an Assignment Mission Good job. You're making good progress on your assignment.
Job done. Keep at it and you'll make it through.
Well done. You're getting closer to completing your assignment.
Assignment mission completed. You're performing well.
Assignment mission completed.
Reaching The Last Assignment Mission One more mission and the assignment is done. Keep it up.
Your assignment bonus is within reach. Just one more mission to complete.
Well done. One mission to go and you'll have completed this assignment.
Assignment Complete! Oh no wait my bad. There's still one mission to go, apologies.
Completing an Assignment Assignment completed.
You've completed the assignment. Congratulations!
Nicely done miner. Assignment completed.
Assignment complete. Congratulations!
Congratulations. Assignment completed.
Unlocking Mineral Trade Terminal Congratulations! Management has just granted you access to the Trade Terminal. You can now buy and sell minerals, but be warned: Trading is not in your favor - this is not a gift shop.
Unlocking Hazard 5 Assignment completed! Your performance hasn't gone unnoticed by management, they believe you're ready to face even harder challenges. I can't say I convinced myself, but we'll see.

The Probationary Period[edit | edit source]

Upon Completing Quote
Mission 1 For a new recruit, your performance has proven more than adequate - Management believes you are ready to take on a new mission type. Egg Hunts have been unlocked for you on the Mission Terminal.
Mission 2 In recognition of your performance, your security level has been upgraded. You have been granted access to new regions of Hoxxes. Congratulations, miner.
Mission 3 Management believes you are ready for a tougher challenge, and you have been cleared for Salvage Operations. Don't disappoint them.
Mission 4 New regions of Hoxxes have been made available to you. Keep this up, and you might just make something of yourself here.
Mission 5 Your performance hasn't gone unnoticed by management. They believe you are ready to face even harder challenges. I can't say I'm convinced myself, but we'll see.
Mission 6 You've made it this far without ending up Glyphid food and Management has cleared you for some of the most hostile regions of planet Hoxxes. Let's see if you have what it takes.
Mission 7 Impeccable work, You are making good progress. Lesser dwarves would not have made it this far.
Mission 8 Well done. Management has decided for you to prove yourself with one final task. Several Glyphid Dreadnoughts have taken up residence in one of our caves and we want you to deal with them. Good luck. You'll need it.
Mission 9 (Final Mission) Congratulations! You have proved yourself to be an exceptional miner. We've thrown some of our harshest challenges at you and you're still in one piece, will, mostly. Management recognizes your efforts and have cleared you for all hazard levels and bigger payouts. Lucky you.

Weapon Assignments[edit | edit source]

Upon Reaching Quote
The Final Assignment Mission Excellent performance. One mission to go and you've got yourself a new weapon license.
One more mission and you've earned yourself a new weapon license. Keep it up.
Well done. One mission to go and you'll have completed this weapon assignment.
You're making good progress. Just complete one more mission and you've secured yourself a new weapon license.
Your new weapon license is within reach. Just one more mission to complete.
Upon Unlocking Quote
"Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon Good work. Management believes you're ready to handle our Heavy Autocannon, the "Thunderhead"... Be mindful not to blow off your own legs with it. This thing has a proper kick to it.
BRT7 Burst Fire Gun Job well done. I'm happy to inform you that you've been cleared to use the BRT7 Burst Fire Gun. Careful with that thing. It's as unpredictable as it is deadly.
"Stubby" Voltaic SMG Weapon License upgraded! The Voltaic SMG also known as the "Stubby" can be purchased from the Equipment Terminal. I'm told it is... it is shockingly good...
Breach Cutter Excellent Job! Weapon License upgraded for the Breach Cutter! Yet another piece of mining gear converted into a weapon. Hoxxes sure does breed innovation...
Cryo Cannon Congratulations! You've been licensed to use the Cryo Cannon! A portable freeze-projector... Just what a growing dwarf needs. Besides deep-freezing anything unlucky enough to be in front of you, its also pretty handy for keeping drinks cold. Or so I'm told, at least...
Experimental Plasma Charger Congratulations! Your weapon license has been upgraded. Say hello to the Experimental Plasma Charger. The folks up in R&D are very excited about this one... I'd be worried if I was you.
M1000 Classic Good job. Weapon License upgraded! Good choice... If precision is your thing, then I'm fairly convinced you're going to like the M1000 Classic.
Zhukov NUK17 Job well done. I'm happy to inform you that your Weapon License has just been upgraded for a dual set of Zhukov NUK17's. Not exactly sophisticated, but perhaps sophistication is a bit overrated these days...

Promotion Assignments[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Reaching Max Dwarf Rank Congratulations! Your excellent performance for Deep Rock Galactic hasn't gone unnoticed. Management are seriously considering you for a promotion, but you'll have to complete one final assignment first. Prove yourself, and a promotion awaits you!
Reaching The Last Assignment Mission Last mission and you're up for a promotion! Give it all you've got and management will be impressed.
This is it miner. One final mission to go and you're up for a nice promotion.
You're almost there. One final mission and honorable promotion awaits you.
You're almost through promotion qualification. One drop to go before your final evaluation.
Completing Promotion Qualification Assignment Well done, miner. The promotion qualification assignment is complete, and Management are satisfied with the results. Head to the Character Selection Terminal to proceed.
Congratulations miner. You've proven yourself to be an important and valuable asset for Deep Rock Galactic. Management are in agreement for granting you promotion. Head to the Character Selection Terminal to cash it in.
Congratulations miner. You've proven your worth for the company and management are putting you up for promotion. Just go to the Character Selection Terminal and hit the button. Sweet promotion awaits you.
Promoting You have proven yourself an important and valuable asset for Deep Rock Galactic! Management appreciate your contribution and grant you an honorable promotion. This is a very special moment - reserved for the few. Take your time to bask in it - we salute you. Congratulations, miner. Rock and Stone!
I'm proud of you. You've done well for yourself since you joined the company. I recall you joining up as a scrawny greenbeard, and figured you'd join the dead down in the deeps in short order. However, consider my position changed... You've grown into your role and have more than proven yourself. It's my personal pleasure to announce that Management has granted your promotion. Rock and Stone, miner! Well done.
Congratulations! You've bled blood, rock, and bullets like only a few before you. You've journeyed far and wide, you've struggled and persevered, and now you have now earned your promotion. Management - and I - salute you. Damn fine work, miner. Rock and Stone!
Excellent! You have contributed to the wealth of Deep Rock Galactic, and Management salutes you. Be proud, very few dwarves live long enough to get promoted, and you have truly earned it! Rock and Stone, miner!

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Starting Tutorial Welcome to the planet Hoxxes, Miner! This will be your first dive into the underground, and it should give you a chance to learn the ins and outs of our operation here.
We have provided you with an All purpose drone, nicknamed: Bosco. Bosco will assist you in this and other solo missions. Put him to good use, and he will do half the job for you. Your objective: Locate and bring back a sizable sample of Morkite. Now, get to it!
Tutorial Objective Completion Passable work, Miner! You will be a good fit for our operations, and Management will be pleased that they were correct in putting their faith in you. Return to base and lets get you into the fray properly. Press the button on the M.U.L.E to call in the Escape Pod.

Special[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Destroying Christmas Decorations The decorations are meant to be enjoyed with your eyes, not your feet!
Stop kicking the decorations around!
I advise that you leave the decorations alone before Management asks me to flush the Launch Bay with radon gas.
Vandalism can and will result in a significant fine. Consider yourself warned.
Vandalism of the decorations will not be tolerated and will result in detention!
If this continues, Management has the power and will to close the Abyss Bar! Is that what you want?
Stop kicking the decorations around!
The decorations are there to contribute to a festive atmosphere, they are not toys.
What is this; kindergarten? You should feel ashamed of yourself.
How old are you? You're behaving like ill-mannered children. Please - stop it!
You're making Management consider cancelling the holidays - mine included! Pleas stop vandalizing the decorations.
Any and all decorations are to be considered company property and are to be treated with respect.

Unused/Cut[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote
Starting a Mining Mission This is a simple mining mission! Deposit your quota of Morkite into the MULE and we'll send a Drop Pod to get you out. Supplies can be ordered when sufficient gold is collected. Good luck!
You've all done this before. Get the Morkite, drop it into the MULE, get it back here, simple. Get to it.
We found a particularly rich site, and want you to secure it. Doesn't get any simpler than this. Meet your quota, and we'll send in a pod!
This is gonna be quick and dirty. Collect as much gold as possible and make it out alive.
Starting an Elimination Mission Okay this is a bug hunt, we've got an infested cave. Get in there, clean the buggers out. Extreme prejudice.
You're on a mission to improve the work enviroment in the caves. Clean out the cave system for alien scum. Make it safe again.
HR is on our asses again. Alien infestation they call it. Deal with it.
Starting a Motherlode Mission This'll be a dosy team. We're detecting a motherlode and you get to bring it back. We've sent in the specialized heavy lifter and your job is to fill it. We're expecting heavy resistance so the lifter has been equipped with heavy armaments. But keep focused, it's all about the goods.
Our scanners have picked up a massive deposit and we're sending you in along side a heavy armed lifter to get as much mining done as possible before the position is overrun. We're picking up extreme bio-signs in the area, so we execpt we'll only have a short window of opportunity. Get it done team.
Exiting the Spawn Cave After Landing All dwarves have left the LZ. Retrieving drop pod. Good luck in there!
M.U.L.E. Docking The MULE and the Morkite is secured! Deep Rock Galactic thanks you for your work effort. Initiating launch sequence.
Requesting Floodlight Floodlight has been ordered and is on the way!
Confirmed! Floodlight is on the way!
Got it! Floodlight inbound!
Requesting Auto Sentry Auto Sentry has been ordered and is on the way!
Confirmed! Auto Sentry is on the way.
Got it! Auto Sentry inbound!