Naedocyte Roe

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Naedocyte Roe
Naedocyte Roe
Creature Details
Species Naedocyte
Biome All
Category Special Enemy
Attack(s) None
Base Health 120
Resistance(s) None
Weakness(es) None
Weakpoint None
Immunity On Fire, Freeze, Electrocution, Stun, Pheromone Aggro, L.U.R.E
Hot Cold
Immune to Heat Status fire.png Immune to Cold Status frozen.png

Naedocyte Breeders serve as the motherships of the Naedocyte Collective, and provide a constant mental link between any nearby Naedocytes. They are known to travel great distances back and forth to check up on their myriad egg deposits, and display a level of solemn tenderness that's almost unheard of on Hoxxes. Still, their constant depositing of fresh egg clutches pose a direct threat to the operations of DRG, and any Naedocyte Breeder should be exterminated on sight. Plus - despite appearances, they are fairly delicious with a spritz of lemon.
~ Miner's Manual Description

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