Neurotoxin Grenade

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Neurotoxin Grenade
Throwable Neurotoxin Grenade.png
Equipment Details
Type Throwable
Used by Driller
Slot Grenade
Availability Unlock
Releases a cloud of slow-acting toxins engineered to exclusively affect life indigenous to Hoxxes IV. WARNING: HIGHLY FLAMMABLE!
~ Item Description

About[edit | edit source]

The Neurotoxin Grenade is the Driller's second unlockable grenade. Once thrown, It'll release gas which is only poisonous to the creatures of Hoxxes IV. The same gas can then be lit up by a Flamethrower or an Incendiary Grenade which will cause a large fiery explosion damaging anything in its vicinity.

This grenade can be unlocked upon reaching Level 10 with the Driller after which it can be purchased via the Equipment Terminal for Credit.png 3400 Credits and Bismor 20 Bismor.

Initial Stats
Effect Radius 7.5
Carried Amount 4