Platform Gun

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Platform Gun
GearGraphic PlatformGun.png
Equipment Details
Type Support Tool
Used by Engineer
Slot Mobility
Availability Default
It does what it says on the box. By firing a combination of highly volatile chemicals at a nearby wall, the result is a rapidly solidifying concrete-like foam that can support several tons of weight. Do not ingest!
~ Item Description

About[edit | edit source]

The Platform Gun is a Support Tool used by the Engineer. It is a massive, long-barrelled cannon that fires a unique material composite called "Plascrete", which is fired as a spherical shape and morphs into a semi-oval shape with a flat top upon landing. During the reload animation, the Engineer is presumably mixing the chemicals by spinning the cylinder. The platforms themselves are bright yellow and vulnerable to destruction, via Pickaxes or explosives.

While the Platform Gun is simple in functionality, its usefulness cannot be understated. Platforms are applicable to a huge number of situations. The most prominent is to fire them underneath mineral veins that are too high up on the walls to be accessed. The Engineer can team up with the Scout to access these minerals; the former uses his Platform Gun to place a platform underneath the resource, then the latter uses his Grappling Hook to ascend to the resource and stand comfortably on the platform while extracting it. This is often necessary in gamemodes such as Mining Expedition and Point Extraction, where mission-critical resources such as Morkite and Aquarq are not always easy to aquire.

The Platform Gun has many other uses too. It can be used to seal up hazardous terrain, such as molten slurry in the Magma Core or fissures in the Glacial Strata. It can cover up holes in terrain that enemies could exploit to gain a flanking position on one's team. Veteran Engineers can often be seen using platforms to shape the defensive areas of Salvage Operation missions to provide tactical advantages for himself and his team. Finally, it is possible to create platform staircases to ascend walls or cross gaps - however, this is a very easy way to quickly burn through one's available platform supply, which is already limited. These kinds of tasks are better achieved by the Driller's Titanium Powerdrills or the Gunner's Zipline Launcher respectively.

Initial Stats
Magazine Size 4
Max Ammo 16
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 2.0s

Modifications[edit | edit source]

There are three tiers and each tier has up to three upgrades, only one upgrade can be equipped per tier.

Mod Effect Description Price
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade FireRate.png
Supercharged Feed Mechanism
+1 Rate of Fire We overclocked your gun. It fires faster. Don't ask. Just enjoy. Also probably don't tell Management, please.
Credit.png 420 Credits
Bismor 10 Bismor
Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Expanded Ammo Bags
+8 Max Ammo You had to give up some sandwich-storage, but your total ammo capacity is increased!
Credit.png 420 Credits
Jadiz 10 Jadiz
Icon Upgrade ClipSize.png
High Capacity Magazine
+4 Magazine Size The good thing about clips, magazines, ammo drums, fuel tanks can always get bigger variants.
Credit.png 420 Credits
Croppa 10 Croppa
Tier 2
Level 4
Icon Upgrade FallDamage Resistance.png
Plastcrete MKII
-90 fall damage (after resistances) Shock-absorbing compound reduces fall damage
Credit.png 780 Credits
Enor Pearl 22 Enor Pearl
Tier 3
Level 8
Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Expanded Ammo Bags
+8 Max Ammo You had to give up some sandwich-storage, but your total ammo capacity is increased!
Credit.png 960 Credits
Croppa 16 Croppa
Umanite 12 Umanite
Icon Upgrade Special.png
Repellant Additive
+Bug repellant Enemies will avoid walking on the Plastcrete Foam whenever possible.
Credit.png 960 Credits
Jadiz 16 Jadiz
Magnite 12 Magnite

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In an earlier version of the Update 21 Experimental Branch, there were two experimental modifications, one of which would cause the gun to fire cubic platforms, the other doubled the radius of the platforms. Both were removed before release for unknown reasons. Relatedly the MK II platform upgrade made the platforms very similar to snow piles in function, snow particles and being melted in the neighboring experimental update.
  • While the Platform Gun remains consistent in firing accuracy, the accuracy will become significantly skewed to the left or right when a player or object is too close to the front of the player.
  • You can use platforms to see through the world to find buried Cargo Crates, Machine Event Matrix Core Infusers and more by shooting a platform at eye height while in a pit or wall. More platforms added above or below can increase the size of the window and it can even make you fall out of the world in which you teleport back up or somewhere else with varying amounts of fall damage.
  • You can use animation canceling to fire the Platform Gun faster, rendering the fire rate upgrade less useful to avid users of this trick. This can be performed in a variety of ways but it comes down to starting an animation such as using your pickaxe in-between shots at specific intervals to fire the Platform Gun quicker.
  • Sticky Flames can melt Platform Gun platforms with a heavy amount of smoke, this is likely due to the platforms similarity to snow piles.