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Point Extraction

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Point Extraction
Point extraction icon.png
Mission Details
Cave Type Unknown
Deposit Type Minehead
Objective(s) Collect 7-10 Aquarq
Payout Credit.png 585-910

Point Extraction is a mission type in Deep Rock Galactic. Mission Control have located a large mother lode of a glowing, blue crystal named Aquarq. The dwarves are sent in to extract as many as possible, and are also assisted by a giant, heavily armored mining platform named the Minehead. Point Extractions are the fourth unlockable mission type, the third being Salvage Operation.

About[edit | edit source]

An Aquarq extracted from the walls

Point Extraction missions always take place in a large cavern filled with Aquarq. Aquarq The Drop Pod is landed into the cavern, along with the Mine Head which unfolds and acts as a central playing point throughout the mission. Unlike all other mission types, the M.U.L.E. is not present, and resources gathered by the team must be deposited into the Mine Head itself.

The Aquarq that must be collected for the primary objective are embedded in the walls of the cavern. Small, blue crystals dot the location they are buried, and they must be dug out using Driller's Titanium Powerdrills or a pickaxe. Aquarq are large resources, and must be carried back to the Mine Head by hand.

Enemies in Point Extraction are far more common than any other mission type; they will attack frequently in large swarms. However, the automatic Sentry Turrets on the Mine Head will assist the team in combat, and there is an abundance of Nitra Nitra that can be used to order Resupply Pods.

After the primary objective has been completed, a red button on the Mine Head will become activated, and can be interacted with. Pressing the button will launch a rocket ship located at the top of the Mine Head, and Mission Control will announce that they will send in the Drop Pod to extract the dwarves after the rocket has been secured at the Space Rig. After two minutes of defending against a final swarm, Mission Control will land the Drop Pod close by. The Drop Pod will wait for three more minutes before departing.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • It is recommend that at least one player on the team picks Gunner and deploys multiple ziplines around the cavern using his Zipline Gun, as dwarves holding Aquarq can ride on ziplines with no movement penalty.
  • When a swarm is announced, regroup at the Mine Head to defend against the incoming enemies. The Sentry Turrets will automatically provide support fire; however they have a limited ammo supply.

Primary Objective[edit | edit source]

The number of Aquarq to collect is dependent on the length of the mission.

Length Complexity Objective Primary Payout Secondary Payout
Cave length 2 Cave complexity 3 Collect 7 Aquarq Credit.png 585 Experience Points 1575 Credit.png 195/325
Cave length 3 Cave complexity 3 Collect 10 Aquarq Credit.png 910 Experience Points 2450 Credit.png 280/350 Experience Points 1260/1120
Base Values (complexity/length bonus deducted)
Cave length 3 Cave complexity 3 Collect 10 Aquarq Credit.png 650 Experience Points 1750 Credit.png 200/250 Experience Points 900/800

Secondary Objective[edit | edit source]

Unlike all other mission types, Point Extraction missions have Dystrum as a possible secondary objective.
Possible Secondary Objectives:

Fossil Collect 10 Alien Fossil

Apoca bloom Collect 15 Apoca Bloom

Boolo cap Collect 20 Boolo Cap

Hollomite Collect 25 Hollomite

Dystrum Collect 100 Dystrum

Trivia[edit | edit source]