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Radioactive Exclusion Zone

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Radioactive Exclusion Zone
Radioactive exclusion zone preview.png
Rock Hardness 3 (Hard)
Umanite Umanite (Abundant)
Enor Pearl Enor Pearl (Scarce)
Unique Hazard(s) White Crystals, Spider Webs
Unique Enemy Type(s) Radioactive Enemy Variants
Ravaged by thousands of years of high-intensity gamma radiation, this region of the planet is now a veritable hellhole of radioactive ash and decrepit, mutated flora. Move with great care, and pay particular attention that you maintain full detox procedure upon return.
~ Ingame description

The Radioactive Exclusion Zone is one of the biomes of Hoxxes IV, located in the south-east of the planet. They usually have big open spaces, connected by wide tunnels. The Radioactive Crystals, while dangerous, do produce light. The caves themselves are generally empty with very few living things around.

Hazards[edit | edit source]

The biome-specific hazard for the Radioactive Exclusion Zone are Radioactive Crystals, which irradiate anyone who get too close and slowly eats away at health. It can be destroyed by directly hitting its light source or simply smashing it with a pickax. There are also Spider Webs (likely created by the glyphids) which, when passed through, will cover the player in webs, reducing movement speed and placing an effect on the screen that obstructs vision. As always, webs can be burned with the CRSPR.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Any enemy can be encountered in the Radioactive Exclusion Zone, including Spitball Infectors, Cave Leeches and Glyphid Dreadnoughts.

Creatures such as Glyphid Exploders, Glyphid Praetorians and Glyphid Swarmers leave behind clouds of radiation when killed.

Biome Features[edit | edit source]

The Radioactive Exclusion Zone contains sparse and highly irradiated flora (Some with eyes, gross), along with dead trees. The Cave Vine unique to this biome, while creepy, are harmless and will at most be a mild nuisance.

Item Type Description
BF Volatile Uranium.png
Volatile Uranium
Hazardous Highly active uranium crystals, will damage anything that approaches it. Can be disabled by attacking the crystal's center.
BF Spider Web REZ.png
Spider Web
Hazardous Temporarily slows down and impairs the vision of any players running into it, can be burnt with a Flamethrower.
BF Breather.png
Neutral Strange mouth mutation of flora, seems to breathe aimlessly.
BF Radipuff.png
Neutral Mutated result of a puffy flower.
BF Inert Uranium.png
Inert Uranium
Neutral An exhausted uranium crystal, no longer poses any danger.
BF Tumorous Growth.png
Tumorous Growth
Neutral Highly mutated tumors embedded into the cave's surfaces.
BF Rock-Tree.png
Rock Tree
Neutral A fossilised tree that shatters when mined.

Ores[edit | edit source]

As with every biome, some of the ores which can be found in the Radioactive Exclusion Zone are determined by the mission type, such as Morkite, Aquarq or Hollomite. The crafting materials found in the Crystalline Caverns are Umanite Umanite and Enor pearl Enor Pearl, with Umanite being abundant and Enor Pearl being scarce.