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Satchel Charge

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Satchel Charge
GearGraphic DetonationPack.png
Equipment Details
Type High Explosive
Used by Driller
Slot Utility
Availability Default
Be it an obstacle or a particularly thickheaded adversary, a good ol' Satchel Charge usually gets the job done. Stand well back before hitting the trigger.
~ Item Description

About[edit | edit source]

The Satchel Charge is a basic utility tool only used by the Driller. It can be thrown onto the ground by pressing the fire key, where it will beep loudly. The Satchel Charge can be detonated by pressing the fire key again. Only one Satchel Charge can be placed at a time.

Satchel Charges deal immense damage in a wide radius, with just one unit being more than capable of annihilating everything caught in the blast. With the right mods, this weapon's damage can climb to an astounding 875 damage. This makes it more than capable of instantly killing virtually any target except the largest foes in the game, such as Glyphid Dreadnoughts.

The Satchel Charge delivers a much more focused detonation than other explosives, always clearing rock in a smooth and consistent manner (which can be upgraded). For this reason it has a niche use for destroying rocks holding heavy objects such as Aquarq and Jadiz, though due to the limited count of charges this is not advised unless there really is no other option.

Initial Stats
Area Damage 375
Damage Radius 4.5
Max Ammo 2
Carve Diameter 6.2

Modifications[edit | edit source]

There are four tiers and each tier has one to three upgrades, only one upgrade can be equipped per tier.

Driller Upgrades
Mod Effect Description Price
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade Area.png
Fragmentary Shell
+3 Effect Radius Larger damage radius Credit.png 360 Credits

Croppa 12 Croppa

Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Extra Satchel Charge
+1 Carried Amount Can carry one more explosive pack Credit.png 360 Credits

Jadiz 12 Jadiz

Icon Upgrade Area Damage.png
Bigger Charge
+250 Area Damage More damage Credit.png 360 Credits

Bismor 12 Bismor

Tier 2
Level 5
Icon Upgrade Special.png
Kill Switch
+Can be picked up Disarm and pick up an unused charge Credit.png 700 Credits

Enor pearl 26 Enor Pearl

Tier 3
Level 10
Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Extra Satchel Charge
+1 Carried Amount Can carry one more explosive pack Credit.png 920 Credits

Magnite 14 Magnite
Umanite 20 Umanite

Icon Upgrade Area Damage.png
Volatile Compound
+250 Area Damage
+ Unstable Explosives
New, more powerful, experimental explosives that can detonate when damaged. Credit.png 920 Credits

Enor pearl 14 Enor Pearl
Bismor 20 Bismor

Tier 4
Level 15
Icon Upgrade ScareEnemies.png
Big Bang
+10 Extra Fear Radius Chance to scare enemies far from the blast Credit.png 1000 Credits

Enor pearl 20 Enor Pearl
Magnite 32 Magnite

Icon Upgrade Stun.png
+10 Extra Stagger Radius Stuns enemies far from the blast Credit.png 1000 Credits

Jadiz 20 Jadiz
Croppa 32 Croppa

Icon Upgrade Digging.png
Rock Mover
+9 Carve Diameter Blast carves a much larger area Credit.png 1000 Credits

Umanite 20 Umanite
Magnite 32 Magnite

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Satchel Charge used to be available to both the Gunner and the Driller, but this was removed in Update 19 as the Gunner had it replaced with the Shield Generator.
  • As of Update 25, you can no longer place more than one Satchel Charge at a time.