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Scout portrait.png Afraid of the dark? No need, you got me.
~ The Scout
Class Details
Icon Scout
Voice Pitch 115%

The Scout is one of the four playable dwarves in the game. He is equipped with an assault rifle, a shotgun, a reusable Grappling Hook, and a Flare Gun that fires sticky flares, helping other dwarves to see in the dark.

About[edit | edit source]

As the Scout, you are the only one to carry the powerful Flare Gun, and the entire team depends on you for light. To scout ahead, you are also equipped with a Grappling Hook, letting you get to almost anywhere. But, while you are carrying an Assault Rifle and a Sawed off Shotgun, you should be careful not to get cut off from your team - the caves don't take kindly to lone explorers.
~ Class Description

The Scout boasts the fastest mobility in the game, due to his reusable Grappling Hook, and is the only class capable of placing sticky flares using his unique Flare Gun that can be used to light up much larger areas than the normal Flares are capable of. The Scout is also equipped with a light Assault Rifle and Sawed-Off Shotgun for close and long ranged encounters.

The Scout is able to choose from three different types of grenade: The Inhibitor-Field Generator (IFG) which slows enemies down and increases their damage taken; the Cryo Grenade which applies freeze and can potentially freeze most enemies instantly; and the Pheromone Canister which covers an enemy in pheromones, turning them into a target for other enemies to attack.

With excellent mobility and the ability to illuminate areas, the Scout is the perfect class for navigating larger cave systems with a lot of wide-open space. Scouts should be first in line while running through cave systems, placing flares and marking hazards and ores wherever they may be. He has excellent synergy with the Engineer, as the latter can place platforms which the Scout can use to access materials normally out of reach with his Grapple Hook.

His damage potential may not be the highest, but his Shotgun deals immense damage up close and can usually kill even Glyphid Praetorians in just two shots; while his Assault Rifle deals respectable, constant damage at medium range. With his unlockable weapons, he gets access to a long-ranged rifle - the M1000 Classic - and a dual pair of rapid-fire SMGs - the Zhukov NUK17s. These guns can change the Scout's playstyle in drastic ways; the M1000 especially, boasting the longest range of any weapon in the game.

The Scout's range on his weapons is somewhat limited. With the exception of the M1000, all of his guns operate best at close to medium range. Distant targets such as Glyphid Acid Spitters and Glyphid Menaces can give him trouble, requiring him to either engage with his Grapple Hook (which can be risky) or take cover. The Scout also suffers against large groups of enemies, as his weapons aren't suited for multiple targets and none of his grenades deal direct damage. Because of this he struggles to operate during Swarms, where large numbers of Glyphids can outpace his damage output. As a result, picking key targets such as Praetorians, Wardens, and Grabbers is typically the Scout's best gameplan.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

All classes have eight pieces of gear, each of which can be individually upgraded using Credit.png Credits and crafting resources. There are currently two unlockable weapons per class. Each weapon has their own assignment. Once an assignment for a weapon has been completed it then can be purchased within the upgrade terminal.

Equipment Base Stats Description

Deepcore GK2
Assault Rifle

Damage 15
Weakpoint Stun Duration 1.5s
Magazine Size 25
Max Ammo 350
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 1.8s
Weakpoint Stun Chance 10%
Weakpoint Damage Bonus 10%
A dependable, hefty weapon.
Usually not the first choice of proper dwarves, but the combination of heft, weight, and satisfying boom makes it worthwhile all the same.

M1000 Classic
Semi-Automatic Rifle

Damage 50
Magazine Size 8
Max Ammo 96
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 2.5s
Focused Shot Damage Bonus +100%
Weakpoint Damage Bonus +10%
Armor Breaking 30%
Focus Mode Movement Speed 30%
Level 10 Credit.png 7600 Jadiz 120 Croppa 80
The original design for the M1000-pattern DRG-issue precision rifle goes back hundreds of years, practically unchanged.
High damage, respectable fire rate... and that "Ping". A prime example of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Jury-Rigged Boomstick

Damage 12
(per shot)
Stun Duration 2.5s
Magazine Size 2
Max Ammo 24
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 2.0s
Stun Chance 30%
Front AoE Shock Wave Damage 20
You take a shotgun and cut it in half.
You're left with a light handcannon that handles like a large pistol and has the stopping power of an 18-wheeler loaded with watermelons.
A true classic.
Dual machine pistols.png

Zhukov NUK17
Submachine Gun

Damage 11
Magazine Size 50
Max Ammo 600
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 1.8s
Level 15 Credit.png 8200 Bismor 160 Umanite 100
Never sophisticated, but never disappointing either.
The NUK family of twinned micro SMGs has a long and treasured track record,
yet those in the know generally agree that the 17 is among the very best

Grappling Hook
Support Tool

Max Range 20m
Cooldown 4s
Max Speed 1500
Wind up time 0.4s
Risk of Accidental Death High
The ultimate explorer's tool - this self-recharging grappling hook will get you out of any sticky situation, and onto any distant ledge.
Handle with care - ending up dangling from the ceiling and then dropping 60 feet onto the floor is not covered by the employee insurance.

Flare Gun
Support Tool

Damage 40
Duration 75s
Magazine Size 3
Max Ammo 12
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 2.4s
A powerful projectile launcher that shoots high-intensity, adhesive flares.
The flares can attach to even the hardest material.

Support Tool

Damage 27.5
Armor Breaking 150%
No respectable miner would leave home without it.

High-Intensity Flare
Support Tool

Flare Duration 30s
Max Flares 4
Recharge Time 12s
Flare Color Blue
A flare on steroids! Powerful enough to light up even the darkest of caves, and sure to put a gleam in the eye of even the most dour dwarf. What's not to love?
Grenade ifg.png

Inhibitor-Field Generator
Support Tool

Effect Radius 3.4m
Duration 20s
Max Grenades 6
Slowdown Strength 75%
Weakening Strength 30%
The IFG - or Inhibitor-Field Generator- is one of the latest inventions of the good people down in R&D. Toss one of these bad boys into a cluster of bugs, and watch them slow right down.
Grenade freeze.png

Cryo Grenade

Effect Radius 6m
Carried Amount 4
Level 5 Credit.png 1200 Magnite 10
Instantly lowers the ambient temperature of everything in a medium-sized area.
Will flash-freeze most Hoxxes wildlife - as well as any hapless DRG employees caught in the blast zone.
Grenade pheromone.png

Pheromone Canister

Damage Radius 4m
Carried Amount 4
Level 10 Credit.png 3400 Croppa 20
Any creature covered by the substance within becomes an irresistible target to any kind of Hoxxes wildlife. Handle with extreme care.
The boys in R&D are very proud of this one.

"Fox" Armor Rig
Armor Undersuit

Shield 25
Recharge Delay 7s
Fall Damage Resistance 0%
Regeneration Rate 100%
Revive Invulnerability 3s
Carry Capacity 40
Each set of DRG issue armor is mounted on a highly modifiable undersuit, capable of transforming the capabilities of the armor considerably.
Regrettably, R&D has as yet proven unable to utilize the suit's stillsuit capacity towards onboard production of alcohol.

Basic Tips and Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Deepcore GK2
    • Close-to-medium range assault rifle with decent damage but sluggish fire rate
    • Best used when aiming for enemy weakspots, where it can quickly rack up damage
    • Has low recoil but high spread growth - tap firing ensures accuracy at long ranges. Only spray-and-pray up close
  • M1000 Classic
    • Long-ranged semi automatic rifle with excellent accuracy
    • Enters "Focus Mode" when holding down LMB. Focus Mode shots will always have perfect accuracy and deal double damage, but use two rounds at once
    • Excellent weapon for taking down Special and Tank enemies, especially when aiming for weak spots
    • Doesn't carry much reserve ammo
    • Semi-automatic nature makes it vulnerable to being overwhelmed by hordes
  • Jury-Rigged Boomstick
    • Double barrel shotgun with immense kick
    • Deals exceptional point-blank damage, able to instantly kill most specials and enemies with just two shots
    • Damage falls off quickly at any range beyond point-blank
  • Zhukov NUK17
    • A pair of machine pistols with extremely high firing rate
    • The magazine and reserve ammo pools of both guns are combined into one on the HUD
    • Has decent mag size and its blistering fire rate can tear down most enemies
    • Works great with the M1000 Classic to cover that gun's ineffectiveness against hordes
    • Burns through ammo quickly, not great at long ranges
  • Grappling Hook
    • Fires a hook into surfaces, which then carries the scout to its location
    • Easy to use and has no ammo limit
    • Enables the Scout to get to vantage points and collect distant resources - especially when supported with the Platform Gun
    • Has a short cooldown between uses
  • Flare Gun
    • Fires special flares which can stick to (almost) any surface
    • These flares burn much brighter and for far longer than standard flares available to all dwarves, making them essential for visibility
    • Useful for lighting up large caves where dwarves will be spending prolonged amounts of time, due to mining and/or combat
    • Has a very limited carry amount - spend those flares wisely
  • Inhibitor-Field Generator
    • Creates an electrical field which slows enemies down and reduces their physical damage
    • Doesn't have a huge radius, but lasts for an incredibly long time and only a few creatures resist its effect
    • Great for using in tight chokepoints where enemies are forced to move through it
    • Specials or Tanks with large weak spots are much easier to kill when trapped in an IFG field
    • Can carry six at once instead of the usual four
  • Cryo Grenade
    • Drastically reduces the temperature of any enemy caught in the blast, often flash-freezing them
    • Frozen enemies are completely immobilized and take increased damage, making them easy pickings
    • Different enemies are more or less resistant to the freezing effects - bigger enemies will often thaw out faster
    • Leaves behind a cloud of white smoke upon detonation, which can potentially obscure vision
  • Pheromone Canister
    • Covers enemies in a pheromone mixture, which causes infighting
    • Coated enemies attract their allies to attack them rather than the Dwarves
    • Infighting enemies often cluster into tight groups, making them highly vulnerable to area attacks
    • There is a limit to how many enemies can infight at once
    • Larger enemies can ignore the pheromone effect unless directly targeted

Voice Responses[edit | edit source]

Class Selected[edit | edit source]
  • "The truth is out there. So's the gold."
  • "Yeah, I don't so much "scout" as make this operation possible."
  • "Afraid of the dark? No need, you got me."
  • "Allow me to...illuminate the situation. Heh heh heh...!"
  • "Yeah, I got a grappling hook. Whatchu gonna do about it?"
  • "Time to light this shit up!"
  • "Darkness? Ain't nothin'."
  • "Let's move it!"
  • "Keep them shites off me, and I'll keep the Team alive."
  • "Darkness, here I come!"
  • "I can get anywhere, anytime."
  • ”Let there be light!”

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Previously before Update 24: Explosive Expansion the Scout was the only class to carry a unique grenade, that being the IFG. All the other Dwarves carried simple frag grenades.