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"At DEEP ROCK GALACTIC, we pride ourselves on having obtained practical dominance of the most lucrative belts of the Outer Rim. While our foolish and cowardly competitors generally regard these systems as too volatile or high-risk, to us they are home.

At this time, we have a total of 87 ORBITAL SPACE RIGS in operation throughout more than a dozen Outer Rim systems, with 16 more currently under construction."

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"Space Rig"
Space Rig.png

The Space Rig is one of 103 orbital operation bases and drop pod deployment stations owned by the Deep Rock Galactic corporation.

It currently features the mission terminal, the drop pod and 4 "Bays" where players can find games or change their characters.

It also hints at multiple planned areas such as:

  • The Armor Station
  • The Medbay
  • The Shooting range
  • The Abyss Bar
  • Mission Control
  • Treasure Vault

There is also a strange area in the "Upper Hangar", colloquially known as the Green Tunnel. At this point, there is nothing in it, but it is possible something may eventually be found in said tunnel.

In addition, there is a jukebox and about 18 barrels you can kick around.