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Space Rig/Terminals

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Terminals are various computer screens located in the Space Rig. Interacting with them allows you to perform various tasks.

Mission Terminal[edit | edit source]

Mission terminal.jpg
MissionTerminal UI.jpg
Main article: Missions

The Mission terminal is where you select your next mission.

Upon interacting with the console in front of the hologram, The terminal will display a selection the available biomes of Hoxxes IV. Certain mission types will be available within each planetary region, such as Salvage Operations, Egg Hunts, and Mining Expeditions. The rotation of biomes and mission types within them will shuffle every 30 minutes in real time.

Upon selecting a mission, the Drop Pod will power up, and its doors will open. The mission will be forcefully started if the host of the team stands inside it for 15 seconds, but this will be reduced to 5 seconds if the entire team is inside the pod with them. The Mission Terminal is locked for everyone except the host of a party.

Vanity Shop[edit | edit source]

Main article: Accessory Shop

Here you can buy new cosmetic varieties for your dwarves. Cosmetics are bought with Credit.png Credits and Crafting Resources. All cosmetics must be bought individually per class.

Employee Wardrobe[edit | edit source]

Here you can equip and modify the apparence of your dwarves with the cosmetics that you bought in the Vanity Shop or unlock.

Assignment Board[edit | edit source]

Main article: Assignments

Here the player can accept and abort assignments, which need to be completed to access new terminals, Promotion, rewards and weapons via Equipment Licenses.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Upgrade gear.jpg
Main article: Equipment

Here you can buy upgrades and equipment for your dwarves. Everything can be upgraded, including your armor and your flares. Also you can choose your Perks.

Upgrades differ between the classes. For lists of all upgrades, refer to the corresponding dwarf page.

KPI Terminal[edit | edit source]

Main article: Perks

The Key Performance Indicator Terminal is where you can view your personal statistics, milestones, and purchase perk points. There are four terminals, one in each of the four player cabins.

Drone Modification[edit | edit source]

Main article: APD-B317

Located to the left of the Mineral Trade Terminal, you can purchase and equip various modifications for your robotic assistant, Bosco.

Mineral Trade[edit | edit source]

Mineral trade.jpg

At the Mineral Trade, you can exchange your crafting resources for minerals and vice versa. This is a good way to get rid of your minerals in the late game for additional money, or to buy resources if you only need two more Croppa for that new Upgrade. The Mineral Trade terminal is locked behind a short assignment, and will be inaccessible until it is completed.

  • Selling pays Credit.png50 per unit
  • Buying costs Credit.png150 per unit

Launch Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Interacting with this terminal immediately starts the Tutorial Mission, where you play a solo mission as Gunner with Bosco in the Shallow Grotto and learn about the basic mechanics of the game. Playing the tutorial is highly recommended for new players.

Cheats[edit | edit source]

The Cheats terminal is only available on the Experimental Branch of the game, and was added in Update 14: "Feature Creep". The Cheats terminal is located directly outside of the player cabins. It provides the following features:

Action Description
Add 10,000 XP Adds 10,000 xp to the current character. Character level and rank will update in real time, while the xp counter will update after switching characters.
Add 10,000 Credits Gives 10,000 credits to the player.
Add 150 Resources Gives the player 150 of all crafting and beer resources, blank matrix cores, and credits. Will not add error cubes.
Add 50 Perk Points Will give the player 50 perk points.
Rotate Missions Forces the mission terminal to generate new missions every time it is opened.
Unlock All Weapons Will unlock all weapons the player does not have currently unlocked.
Unlock All Upgrades Unlocks all weapon upgrades the player has not purchased.
Reset Upgrades Nonfunctional (possibly bugged).
Advance Assignment Will advance the stage of the player's currently active assignment. This will trigger on exiting the terminal.
Connect Will connect to the set ip address.
Give All Matrix Cores Gives the player one blank matrix core, and will add all matrix cores to the forge.
Forge All Matrix Cores Will forge all matrix cores, including ones that the player does not currently own. This will consume the amount of materials it would normally cost to make every core (excluding blank cores). If the player does not have enough materials, the cores will still craft but the player will be left with zero of the depleted resource.
Reset Matrix Cores Removes all weapon, weapon mesh, and cosmetic matrix cores the player has crafted or are currently in the forge. Currently equipped cores will remain equipped until the player removes them.
Give Random Matrix Core Will give the player a random matrix core. It will automatically be added to the forge.
Force Crates Will attempt to spawn a crate in the loaded mission. This effect is not guaranteed, and will lower in chance as more crates successfully spawn in the same biome.
Start Mission Starts the currently selected mission with any forced modifiers.
Force Special Event Will force the selected machine event to spawn in the mission. The selected event will continue to spawn until the player selects "none".