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This page is up to date for Update 32: Roughnecks At Work
Template-info.png Documentation

{{Updated}} is used to indicate when a page was last updated.


{{Updated|version}} allows to indicate exactly based on what version of the game a page was written.

If this was an article this template would be used to indicate that it was last updated for U29 Hotfix 6

To do so {{Updated|U29.6}} would be put at the top of the page which becomes (Note the text is right aligned):
This page is possibly not up to date, It was last updated for Update 29: The End of the Beginning – Patch 6

This template dynamically creates the string it displays using the {{UpdatedStrings}} Template to get the update/patch name. While a preset update or event code must be used (They are displayed below) any hotfix number can be used without the template needed to be updated for them.

For example: {{UpdatedStrings|U28.12.34}} becomes Update 28: Feeling Perky – Patch 12.34


U27     // Update 27: Little Big Things
U28     // Update 28: Feeling Perky
AN2     // Anniversary: Two Years In Orbit
AN2020  // Anniversary: Two Years In Orbit
U29     // Update 29: The End of the Beginning
Launch  // 
U30     // Update 30: Going 1.0