Update 33: New Frontiers

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This article/section contains information about content that is currently unreleased.
Unreleased content is subject to change, and may not be included in the game at all.
Update 33: New Frontiers
Update 32
Roughnecks At Work

To Be Determined

Update 33 is an upcoming update coming on February 4th of 2021.

Two new Planet Biomes[edit | edit source]

Deep blue and purple, the Azure Weald brings to mind a deep, alien sea, in all its splendor and horror. Bioluminescent clusters of lichen light up the darkness, illuminating this fertile and overgrown biome in flickering neon colors. A chilly, oddly beautiful place, the cold fog hangs thick and dense in the air.

Hollow Bough is a biological oddity that has the Science Department scratching their heads - this entire region of the planet is dominated by colossal, organic conglomerations resembling the inside of hollow trees. However, these structures are under attack by an invasive species of voracious vine-like plants, as much a threat to us as the planet itself. We recommend traversing these environs with extreme caution. The deep, dark folds of wood and bark house much more than a first glance let on.

New Enemy Types[edit | edit source]

Priority warning! Reports are coming in about horrible new strains of beasties on Hoxxes! The flying Mactera have evolved a bunch of new Veteran forms, and the Glyphid Dreadnought can now appear in several different varieties! The Scanner Department also reports a slew of other, as-yet-unidentified bio signs down in the depths...

Proper MULE Docking[edit | edit source]

It's been a long time coming: The M.U.L.E will finally receive a proper animation setup for exiting and entering the Drop Pod, and a little bay and crane all to herself.

Mineral Trade Overhaul[edit | edit source]

Like the Assignment Terminal before it, the Mineral Trade Terminal has been in need of an overhaul for a while. Now it's here! All new spiffy visuals - and tasty Daily Deals, too...!

Leaks[edit | edit source]

Leaks from various developer streams and the developer social media.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Scrapped/Postponed Content[edit | edit source]

A sweltering, yellow-green hellscape of toxic fumes and brittle mineral crusts covering corrosive, stagnant pools. Only few things will live or grow here, but those that do are among the toughest on the planet. Full PPE is advised.