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Saluting[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote Audio
A Dwarf Salute
Rock on!
Rock and stone.. Yeeaaahhh!
Rock and stone forever!
Rock and stone!
For rock and stone!
We are unbreakable!
Rock and roll!
Rock and roll and stone!
That's it lads! Rock and stone!
Like that! Rock and stone!
Yeaahhh! Rock and stone!
None can stand before us!
Rock solid!
Come on guys! Rock and stone!
If you don't rock and stone, you ain't comin' home!
We fight for rock and stone!
We rock!
Rock and stone everyone!
Rock and stone in the heart!
For teamwork!
Did I hear a rock and stone?

Jukebox Lines[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote Audio
Activating the Jukebox Yeah, that's nice!
Ohh, I like that!
Not that...
Hidden gems my ass!
Now that is real music!
That reminds me of my first love..
I feel like dancing!
Can't stand still to this!
Nice tune!
That sucks!
Let's dance!
Bang your head to this!
Dance, monkeys!
That's sweet!

Resupply[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote Audio
Ordering a Resupply Resupply ordered!
I ordered a resupply!
More ammo is on the way!
Resupply Arrival Resupply arrived! Go restock!
The resupply is here.
Time to restock!
Resupply pod is here! Everybody collect ammunition.

Ensnared[edit | edit source]

The tentacle got me!
It got me!
Please. Shoot it!
I'm trapped!
I'm paralyzed!
Can't move!
Help! I'm stuck!

Shouts[edit | edit source]

Upon Sound Effect Audio
Dwarf Shout in Space Rig Dwarf spitting
Dwarf flatulence
Dwarf burp

Removed voicelines[edit | edit source]

Upon Quote Audio
Dwarf Salute Stone and rock!
Stone and rock! Oh wait...
Yeah yeah, rock and stone.

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